high court

Who is NZYQ?

New laws to return High Court detainees

Who is NZYQ? A High Court decision triggered the release of over 140 indefinite detainees. The Government is developing laws to return them.

military whistleblower david mcbride

What to know about military whistleblower David McBride

David McBride will face trial this week, accused of unlawfully disclosing sensitive information — evidence that Australian soldiers had allegedly committed war crimes in Afghanistan.

strict conditions immigration detention

High Court rules indefinite immigration detention unlawful

The High Court of Australia has ruled that indefinite immigration detention is unlawful in the case of a man awaiting deportation.

high court public housing nt

High Court: NT public housing tenants to get compensation

The Australian High Court has ruled that some public housing tenants in the Northern Territory are entitled to financial compensation for distress caused by government inaction.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika

High Court restores Australian citizenship for convicted terrorist

The High Court of Australia has ruled a convicted terrorist can have his Australian citizenship restored.

EV road charges in Australia

High Court strikes down EV road charge

EV road charges in Australia were dealt a blow on Wednesday, after the High Court struck down a charge being used in Victoria since 2021.

qantas high court 1,700

High Court: Qantas unlawfully sacked 1,700 workers during the pandemic

The court was considering an appeal from Qantas, who had already lost twice before the Federal Court and the Full Federal Court.

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