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The Greens want the Government to reform tax discounts in exchange for their support on the 'Help to Buy' scheme
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The showdown over the Government’s ‘Help to Buy’ plan

The Greens are demanding the Government look at tax reforms for property owners, in exchange for their support on the Help to Buy scheme.

victorian government housing plan

Inside the Victorian Government’s new housing plan

The Victorian Government has announced a raft of housing measures to tackle the rental crisis, include an Australian-first tax for short-term rentals.

barriers to building new homes

What are the barriers to building more homes?

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says more supply of homes is “key” to housing affordability. So how many more houses does Australia need, and what are the barriers to building them?

National Cabinet rent limits
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National Cabinet agrees a new housing target, but no rent limits

National Cabinet leaders have agreed to build 200,000 extra homes by mid-2029, but have stopped short of limits on rent increases.

The Daily Aus podcast

Does Albanese want the housing bill to fail?

The Government has reintroduced its housing bill to Parliament this week. It’s previously faced opposition from both the Liberals, Greens and some Independents, and if it fails again, it could lead to something called a double dissolution. In today’s deep dive, TDA journalist Tom Crowley explains what the Bill is, what’s standing in its way, and why the government could potentially want it to fail.

how did the housing crisis in australia begin

How did the housing crisis begin in Australia?

Housing crisis Australia: How did we get here? Why did housing become so expensive, and can we fix it? Here’s what to know.

Dom Perrottet-Interview

TDA’s chat with NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet

Fixing the property crisis

Property: How to fix a property crisis

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Is it harder for young people to buy their first home?

Property: SOLD! Why Owning A House Has Become SO Exclusive

Property: SOLD! Why Owning A House Has Become SO Exclusive

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