Who is Jacinta Allan? 

Jacinta Allan to be Victorian Premier

Jacinta Allan was named Victorian Premier on Wednesday, one day after Daniel Andrews’ surprise resignation.


Real-time disclosure log and spending limits part of proposals to improve Australian elections

Misinformation in election ads could be cracked down with new powers under a proposal put forward by a Parliamentary Committee this week.

Queensland rape laws

Queensland wants to overturn law that currently prevents accused rapists from being named

The Queensland Government has unveiled plans to change a safeguard within its rape laws. Here’s what it would do

safeguard mechanism the greens

Labor and the Greens have reached a compromise on climate legislation

The Greens have compromised with Labor over the climate change bill, which will now see it be passed into law.

nsw election housing policies

What are the NSW major parties’ election housing policies?

What are the key policies being proposed by NSW parties? Here’s what you need to know.

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