unclaimed medicare benefits

Australians owed $234 million in unclaimed Medicare benefits

The Government says Australians are owed over $230 million in unclaimed Medicare benefits which are typically paid out within three days.

Why is bulk billing harder to find? 

Bulk billing halves among GPs in 2023

Why is bulk billing harder to find? Pressures in the public health system have been exposed in a new report.

Centrelink workers

3,000 workers hired to meet demand for Centrelink and Medicare

The boost of Centrelink workers is in response to the average 30 minute wait time for phone calls and fewer than 17% of calls being answered.

What is Better Access

Exclusive: No change to mental health access this year, despite changes to subsidised sessions

The system offering subsidised mental health sessions underwent a major change last year. New data suggests that very little has changed

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