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The WHO has declared loneliness a global health priority

The World Health Organisation has launched a new three-year Commission on Social Connection to address loneliness as a health priority.

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42 U.S. Attorneys-General sue Meta over kids’ mental health

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, is facing legal action from attorneys general in 41 U.S. states and D.C.

Mental health in Australia

Major issues found in mental health sector

Mental health in Australia is under the microscope this week, after the release of a new 10-year health strategy. Here’s what it says

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Australia’s first-ever autism strategy

Australia’s first-ever autism strategy is being developed, to improve the lives of Autistic Australians across key outcomes – from mental health, to social inclusion and employment. Andy Shim from the National Autism Strategy Oversight Council joins us to help unpack the strategy.

What is Better Access

Exclusive: No change to mental health access this year, despite changes to subsidised sessions

The system offering subsidised mental health sessions underwent a major change last year. New data suggests that very little has changed

The Daily Aus podcast

An interview with the Minister for Youth, Dr. Anne Aly

If you didn’t know we had a Minister for Youth, you wouldn’t be alone. In today’s deep dive, TDA Editor Billi FitzSimons asks the Minister what she actually does and what her plans are for her time in government. From mental health, HECS, the voting age, climate change, housing and more, this special episode will give you insight into the Minister charged with prioritising young Australians.

Cosmetic surgery mental health assessment

Australians seeking cosmetic surgery will soon need to sit a mental health check

Australians will soon need to pass a mental health assessment to qualify for cosmetic surgery procedures. Here’s what you need to know.

Report finds NSW nurses and midwives leaving due to declining mental health

New report finds more than half of NSW nurses plan on leaving their job due to mental health issues, with 15% experiencing symptoms of PTSD.

TDA interview with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

TDA sits down with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

The federal and NSW governments have announced mental health packages for flood-affected regions

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