Music festivals

What does the future of music festivals look like?
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What does the future of music festivals look like?

australian music festivals update
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Australian music festivals update: sales up, profits down

Of the 535 music festivals held in Australia during the 2022/23 financial year, 35% lost money. Creative Australia’s latest report found average losses amounted to almost $800,000.

Music festival funding
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Greens call for public music festival funding

Music festival funding is needed to secure the sustainability of Australian music festivals, The Greens have said.

Drug deaths at music festivals
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MDMA found in two-thirds of drug deaths

Drug deaths at music festivals were significantly higher in the 2010s than the 2000, a new study has found.

Strip searches in Australia
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Strip search laws in Australia

Strip searches in Australia are policed by different laws across each state and territory. This is what they are.

The Daily Aus podcast

What to do if police ask to strip search you

Less than a third of police strip searches across 5 festivals between 2021 and 2022 in NSW followed proper legal processes according to an audit by the state’s police watchdog.

So when are the police allowed to strip search you and what can it involve? With festival season right around the corner, we’re going to speak with a lawyer about strip searches.

What are the strip-searching rules in NSW?
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Strip searches fall short of protocols

What are the strip-searching rules in NSW? An audit found less than one-third of strip searches are following correct legal processes.

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