New Zealand

new zealand repeal smoking laws

New Zealand government to repeal world-first smoking laws

Laws that would have gradually made cigarettes illegal in New Zealand will be scrapped, under the country’s new government.

New Zealand election 

New Zealand without leader as talks continue

The New Zealand election took place on 14 October, with National Party leader Christopher Luxon emerging as the country’s next PM.

Whakaari White Island court

Court finds owners of Whakaari-White Island failed risk assessment

A New Zealand court has found the owners of Whakaari White Island were in breach of workplace safety laws when a volcanic eruption claimed 22 lives in 2019.

The Daily Aus podcast

Who is NZ’s new prime minister?

The Jacinda Ardern era is officially over. As Australians went to the polls for the Voice referendum on Saturday, New Zealanders voted in their national election. Last election, then-PM Jacinda Ardern led Labour to a comfortable victory. Fast forward three years to 2023 and it was Ardern’s replacement, Chris Hipkins, conceding defeat on election night. New Zealanders voted for a new Government and a new PM, so what happened to Labour, who is PM-elect Christopher Luxon and the National Party, and how has New Zealand’s political landscape shifted between elections? We’ll unpack everything about the NZ election in today’s deep dive.

Christopher Luxon

New Zealand’s new Prime Minister: Who is Christopher Luxon?

New Zealand is set for a change of government and a new Prime Minister after it voted in an election on Saturday.

New Zealand election

Crime and inflation the key battlegrounds at New Zealand election

The New Zealand election is set to be fought over issues of rising crime and cost-of-living pressures. Here’s what each party is promising.

UK smoking ban

Sunak calls for lifetime cigarette bans

A smoking ban in the UK would stop a new generation of smokers from picking up the habit, Rishi Sunak says. Here’s the details

Australia phase out caged egg

Caged eggs are set to be phased out by 2036 – will it actually happen on time?

A caged egg ban will begin by 2036 under a plan endorsed by Australia’s governments. But one has already said it will make its own rules.

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