NSW Government

nsw strangulation offence

NSW to upgrade strangulation offences

Serious strangulation offences in NSW could be included in the same violent crimes category as murder and manslaughter offences.

hand sanitiser expires

What happens when hand sanitiser expires?

Australian state governments have handed thousands of tonnes of unused, expired hand sanitiser bottles to waste companies.

Palestine rally

Police consider special powers for Palestine rally

A pro-Palestine rally on Sunday afternoon in Sydney could be subject to “extraordinary” police powers, following a similar protest on Monday.

nsw drugs fines

NSW Government proposal could see fines for possession of small amounts of drugs

NSW Police could soon be able to fine people caught with small amounts of drugs, instead of issuing criminal charges.

nsw public school phones

All NSW public schools now ban mobile phones

A statewide ban on phones in all NSW public schools comes into effect today. The ban coincides with the start of Term 4.

What are the rules for pets on public transport? 

New push for pets on public transport

What are the rules for pets on public transport? There’s been a new push to expand pet access on buses, ferries, and trains in Sydney.

nsw vape crackdown

What to know about NSW’s vape crackdown

The NSW Government has pledged $6.8 million to expand its vaping crackdown, after a record-breaking number of vape seizures.

What are the strip-searching rules in NSW?

Strip searches fall short of protocols

What are the strip-searching rules in NSW? An audit found less than one-third of strip searches are following correct legal processes.

nsw government sexual assault

NSW Government: $53 million to fund sexual assault nurses

The NSW Government has announced it will recruit 48 sexual assault crisis workers amid a rise in demand for services.

Opal card shake-up

Opal card shake-up on the way

A shake-up of the Opal card system will begin next month, following a change by the NSW Government. Here’s what it means for you

NSW teachers pay rise

First-year NSW teachers to earn $85k under new deal

Some NSW teachers will get a $10,000 pay rise under a new deal proposed by the State Government. One final approval is now needed.

australia's biggest coal-fired power station

Australia’s biggest coal-fired power station will stay open. Why?

The NSW Government has announced it will work to keep Australia’s largest coal-fired power station open longer.

Australia phase out caged egg

Caged eggs are set to be phased out by 2036 – will it actually happen on time?

A caged egg ban will begin by 2036 under a plan endorsed by Australia’s governments. But one has already said it will make its own rules.

Retail staff protections in nsw

Harassing retail workers could soon become a crime in NSW

Retail workers will be protected by new laws adding prison sentences for those who harass or assault them. Here are all the details

nsw rent bidding ban

Real estate agents in NSW caught illegally rent bidding almost every day this year

Agents are being caught asking for offers on rental properties higher than what’s advertised, in a practice known as rent bidding. Here’s how

uber surge pricing nsw

Uber will limit surge pricing in NSW when there are public transport disruptions

Uber will cap surge pricing in NSW when there are unexpected public transport disruptions under a new deal with the state government.

minns new policy

Chris Minns is changing how you buy your first home – here’s how

Chris Minns has unveiled plans to sign his new housing policy into law, which will also involve scrapping an old initiative on the way.

Why is Snowy 2.0 being delayed?

A major renewable energy project will be delayed by up to two years – why?

Why is Snowy 2.0 being delayed? There are many reasons for the delay, which could impact Australia’s renewable energy transition. Here’s why.

how much money do pokies make

NSW gamblers lost $4 billion to pokies in the second half of last year

How much money do pokies make? Over $4 billion during six months in NSW last year, new data has found. Here’s where they make the most cash.

mobile phone ban at nsw schools

Mobile phones will be banned in NSW high schools from October

A phone ban at schools will be in place in NSW. It’s the sixth state or territory to announce the ban. Here’s what it might look like.

NSW minority government

There will be a minority government in NSW. What does that mean?

Labor will form a minority government in NSW, after falling short of a majority of seats in Parliament. Here’s how they can do it.

Chris Minns Interview with TDA

TDA’s chat with NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns

nsw election housing affordability

NSW Election: the major parties on housing affordability

Ahead of the NSW election, on Saturday 25 March, parties are pitching their policies on housing affordability. 

A NSW MP gareth ward has been charged over historical sexual assault allegations

A NSW MP has been charged over historical sexual assault allegations

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