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Eraring extended to 2027
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Sharpe extends Eraring power station to 2027

Eraring power station will have its life extended to 2027, under an agreement to secure energy supply for NSW over the next two years.

New data shows the number of First Nations adults in NSW prisons reached a record-high in March.
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First Nations adults in NSW prisons at record high

New data shows the number of First Nations adults in NSW prisons reached a record-high in March.

Same-sex book ban has been reversed at a Sydney Council.
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Sydney council reverses same-sex parenting book ban

Cumberland City Council in Western Sydney has overturned a book ban on same-sex parenting following public outrage.

The NSW Government has announced it will propose stricter bail reforms for people accused of serious domestic violence offences.
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NSW proposes new bail restrictions for alleged domestic violence offenders

Under a draft law, alleged perpetrators will face a higher threshold for securing bail. Alleged offenders would also be required to wear ankle bracelets if they are granted bail.

The NSW Government has made its trial of UTI treatment from pharmacies permanent, after the program benefited 16,000 women.
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NSW Govt makes trial of UTI treatment at pharmacies permanent

The NSW Government has made its trial of UTI treatment from pharmacies permanent, after the program benefited 16,000 women.

A Sydney council has banned a books on same-sex parenting across its libraries.
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A Sydney council banned same-sex parent books from its libraries

Cumberland Council has banned a books on same-sex parenting across its libraries, as the NSW Government considers reducing council funding.

New knife laws for NSW
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Minns launches knife crime crackdown

New knife laws for NSW will allow police to conduct searches with metal-detecting wands in areas where recent weapon offences have occurred.

Road deaths in Australia
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Road deaths rise by 8% across Australia

Road deaths in Australia are on the rise, according to new data from the Australian Automobile Association.

Alleged murder review
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Minns orders review into alleged murder of Molly Ticehurst

A formal review into an alleged murder will be launched on Wednesday, following the death of 28-year-old Molly Ticehurst earlier this week.

Funding cuts to NSW public schools
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NSW to cut school funding by $148 million

Funding cuts to NSW public schools could climb to $148 million, as part of an announcement from the state government this week.

NSW has banned LGBTQA+ conversion practices
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NSW has banned LGBTQA+ conversion practices

The NSW Parliament has officially passed legislation outlawing LGBTQA+ conversion therapies, with practitioners facing five years in jail.

byron bay first nations
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Good news: Byron Bay locations to carry First Nations names

Cape Byron will now also have the name Walgun, and Julian Rocks will also have the name Nguthungulli.

sexual assault case review
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NSW sexual assault cases under review

Sexual assault cases scheduled to go to court in NSW are now under review, following criticism from a group of judges.

NSW retail worker assault laws
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Exclusive: 1 in 4 charged under retail assault laws is a teenager

One in four people charged under retail assault laws in NSW is a teenager, according to data obtained by TDA.

Pill testing in Australia
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What’s happening with pill testing in Australia?

Pill testing in Australia is a loaded subject, full of conflicting opinions and viewpoints. Here we break down the state of pill testing in Australia.

Asbestos sites in Sydney
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Sydney asbestos sites climb to 47

Asbestos sites in Sydney have risen to 47, following tests across Australia’s largest city in recent days.

Warning MDMA pills in NSW
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Warning for skull-shaped MDMA pills in NSW

High-dose MDMA pills on the NSW drug market could cause hospitalisation or death, a new warning issued this week has said.

asbestos found sydney
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Asbestos found across Sydney

Inhaling asbestos particles can cause life-threatening diseases, including cancer.

Red Bull drug
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Deadly opioid in Sydney drug market

A drug bearing the Red Bull energy drink insignia has been subject to a new warning by NSW Health, due to the contents of a deadly opioid.

Neo-Nazis in Sydney
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Minns issues legal threat to neo-Nazis

Neo-Nazis were in Sydney across the long weekend, prompting condemnation and a legal threat from NSW Premier Chris Minns.

Why are fire ants dangerous? 
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New fears of fire ant spread

Why are fire ants dangerous? A warning has been issued amid fears of a new spread of fire ants in northern NSW and southeast Queensland.

Financial support for nurses
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New support for student nurses

New financial support for nurses is now available in NSW. The program will provide up to $12,000 in support to eligible student nurses.

What are NSW's anti-protest laws?

Anti-protest laws struck down by court

What are NSW’s anti-protest laws? The state’s Supreme Court struck down part of the laws, finding it was unconstitutional.

Rent bidding in NSW
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Property agents failing to stop rent bidding

Rent bidding in NSW has been illegal for 12 months, but one-quarter of real estate agents still aren’t following the rules.

nsw strangulation offence

NSW to upgrade strangulation offences

Serious strangulation offences in NSW could be included in the same violent crimes category as murder and manslaughter offences.

hand sanitiser expires

What happens when hand sanitiser expires?

Australian state governments have handed thousands of tonnes of unused, expired hand sanitiser bottles to waste companies.

Palestine rally
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Police consider special powers for Palestine rally

A pro-Palestine rally on Sunday afternoon in Sydney could be subject to “extraordinary” police powers, following a similar protest on Monday.

nsw drugs fines

NSW Government proposal could see fines for possession of small amounts of drugs

NSW Police could soon be able to fine people caught with small amounts of drugs, instead of issuing criminal charges.

nsw public school phones

All NSW public schools now ban mobile phones

A statewide ban on phones in all NSW public schools comes into effect today. The ban coincides with the start of Term 4.

What are the rules for pets on public transport? 
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New push for pets on public transport

What are the rules for pets on public transport? There’s been a new push to expand pet access on buses, ferries, and trains in Sydney.

nsw vape crackdown

What to know about NSW’s vape crackdown

The NSW Government has pledged $6.8 million to expand its vaping crackdown, after a record-breaking number of vape seizures.

What are the strip-searching rules in NSW?
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Strip searches fall short of protocols

What are the strip-searching rules in NSW? An audit found less than one-third of strip searches are following correct legal processes.

nsw government sexual assault
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NSW Government: $53 million to fund sexual assault nurses

The NSW Government has announced it will recruit 48 sexual assault crisis workers amid a rise in demand for services.

Opal card shake-up
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Opal card shake-up on the way

A shake-up of the Opal card system will begin next month, following a change by the NSW Government. Here’s what it means for you

NSW teachers pay rise
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First-year NSW teachers to earn $85k under new deal

Some NSW teachers will get a $10,000 pay rise under a new deal proposed by the State Government. One final approval is now needed.

australia's biggest coal-fired power station
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Australia’s biggest coal-fired power station will stay open. Why?

The NSW Government has announced it will work to keep Australia’s largest coal-fired power station open longer.

Australia phase out caged egg
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Caged eggs are set to be phased out by 2036 – will it actually happen on time?

A caged egg ban will begin by 2036 under a plan endorsed by Australia’s governments. But one has already said it will make its own rules.

Retail staff protections in nsw
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Harassing retail workers could soon become a crime in NSW

Retail workers will be protected by new laws adding prison sentences for those who harass or assault them. Here are all the details

nsw rent bidding ban

Real estate agents in NSW caught illegally rent bidding almost every day this year

Agents are being caught asking for offers on rental properties higher than what’s advertised, in a practice known as rent bidding. Here’s how

uber surge pricing nsw
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Uber will limit surge pricing in NSW when there are public transport disruptions

Uber will cap surge pricing in NSW when there are unexpected public transport disruptions under a new deal with the state government.

minns new policy
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Chris Minns is changing how you buy your first home – here’s how

Chris Minns has unveiled plans to sign his new housing policy into law, which will also involve scrapping an old initiative on the way.

Why is Snowy 2.0 being delayed?
Environment News

A major renewable energy project will be delayed by up to two years – why?

Why is Snowy 2.0 being delayed? There are many reasons for the delay, which could impact Australia’s renewable energy transition. Here’s why.

how much money do pokies make
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NSW gamblers lost $4 billion to pokies in the second half of last year

How much money do pokies make? Over $4 billion during six months in NSW last year, new data has found. Here’s where they make the most cash.

mobile phone ban at nsw schools
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Mobile phones will be banned in NSW high schools from October

A phone ban at schools will be in place in NSW. It’s the sixth state or territory to announce the ban. Here’s what it might look like.

NSW minority government

There will be a minority government in NSW. What does that mean?

Labor will form a minority government in NSW, after falling short of a majority of seats in Parliament. Here’s how they can do it.

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