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Children fined pandemic
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Children fined during the pandemic in NSW

A report found that 3,628 children were fined during the pandemic in NSW, impacting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

500 domestic violence offenders arrested in nsw
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Over 500 alleged domestic violence offenders arrested in NSW

About 40% of those arrested across the four-day ‘Operation Amarok VI’ were charged with ‘serious domestic violence offences’.

A 33-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly stabbing a police officer in the head in Sydney's CBD.
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Man arrested after police officer stabbed in Sydney CBD

A 33-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly stabbing a police officer in the head in Sydney’s CBD.

A-League betting scheme
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A-League players arrested over alleged betting scheme

Three A-League players were arrested in Sydney on Friday morning over an alleged connection to a corrupt betting scheme.

clubsnsw data breach
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ClubsNSW data breach leads to arrest

A Sydney man has been charged with blackmail over a data breach at NSW and ACT hospitality venues.

wakeley church stabbing
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What to know about the Wakeley church stabbing

Per NSW Police, the injured people suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were treated by paramedics.

Child strip searches
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Over 1,500 child strip searches by NSW Police in seven years

A report found First Nations children made up almost 45% of child strip searches, “despite being only 6.2% of the population.”

NSW retail worker assault laws
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Exclusive: 1 in 4 charged under retail assault laws is a teenager

One in four people charged under retail assault laws in NSW is a teenager, according to data obtained by TDA.

jesse baird luke davies bodies
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Police find bodies of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies

NSW Police say they are “very confident” they have located the bodies of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies, who were allegedly murdered by a NSW police officer last week.

Pod Cover Final

The search for Jesse Baird and Luke Davies

Last Friday, a NSW Police officer was charged with the murder of Sydney couple Jesse Baird and Luke Davies.

Taekwondo instructor murders
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Taekwondo instructor arrested for three alleged murders

Investigators alleged the taekwondo instructor was responsible for their murders, but said a motive has not yet been established.

Roger Rogerson

Who was Roger Rogerson, corrupt NSW detective?

Disgraced NSW detective Roger Rogerson was dismissed for corruption and forming links to criminals before he was jailed for murder in 2016.

Friendlyjordies arrest

Arrest made in Friendlyjordies house fire investigation

Sydney Police have arrested a man allegedly linked to a house fire of renowned YouTuber Friendlyjordies in November 2022.

Palestine rally
News Politics

Police consider special powers for Palestine rally

A pro-Palestine rally on Sunday afternoon in Sydney could be subject to “extraordinary” police powers, following a similar protest on Monday.

nsw drugs fines

NSW Government proposal could see fines for possession of small amounts of drugs

NSW Police could soon be able to fine people caught with small amounts of drugs, instead of issuing criminal charges.

What are the strip-searching rules in NSW?
Culture News

Strip searches fall short of protocols

What are the strip-searching rules in NSW? An audit found less than one-third of strip searches are following correct legal processes.

Drink spiking in Australia

Spiking hits record highs in NSW

Drink spiking is illegal across Australia, yet reports have hit record-breaking highs in the country’s most populated state. Here’s why

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