500 domestic violence offenders arrested in nsw
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Over 500 alleged domestic violence offenders arrested in NSW

About 40% of those arrested across the four-day ‘Operation Amarok VI’ were charged with ‘serious domestic violence offences’.

New data shows the number of First Nations adults in NSW prisons reached a record-high in March.
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First Nations adults in NSW prisons at record high

New data shows the number of First Nations adults in NSW prisons reached a record-high in March.

shark nets endangered
Environment News

Shark nets killing endangered species

Conservation groups argue shark nets are a threat to endangered marine life and are “outdated”. What are the alternatives?

NSW junior doctors have bagged $230 million in Australia's largest class action settlement.
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NSW junior doctors win biggest settlement for underpayment

Junior doctors across NSW have won $230 million in an underpayment settlement, the highest for a class action in Australia.

mass stabbing westfield bondi
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Six people killed in apparent mass stabbing at Bondi Junction — what to know

According to NSW Police, at 3:30pm on Saturday, emergency services were called to the shopping centre following multiple reports of stab wounds.

What is a Black Nor'Easter?
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Sydney braces for torrential downpour

What is a Black Nor’Easter? Sydney is bracing for torrential downpour, with a severe weather warning being issued for much of eastern NSW.

Roger Rogerson

Who was Roger Rogerson, corrupt NSW detective?

Disgraced NSW detective Roger Rogerson was dismissed for corruption and forming links to criminals before he was jailed for murder in 2016.

Why are fire ants dangerous? 
Environment News

New fears of fire ant spread

Why are fire ants dangerous? A warning has been issued amid fears of a new spread of fire ants in northern NSW and southeast Queensland.

What are NSW's anti-protest laws?

Anti-protest laws struck down by court

What are NSW’s anti-protest laws? The state’s Supreme Court struck down part of the laws, finding it was unconstitutional.

Rent bidding in NSW
Economics Politics

Property agents failing to stop rent bidding

Rent bidding in NSW has been illegal for 12 months, but one-quarter of real estate agents still aren’t following the rules.

NSW paramedics pay increase
Economics News

NSW paramedics receive pay increase of up to 29%

NSW paramedics will receive an average pay increase of 25% over the next four years, and will bring their wages in line with other states.

NSW paramedics

NSW Paramedics could be short of workers on NYE

Thousands of NSW paramedics could stop work on New Year’s if an ongoing pay dispute is not resolved to bring wages in line with other states.

voluntary assisted dying in NSW

Voluntary assisted dying in NSW is now legal

Voluntary assisted dying (VAD) can now be accessed in NSW. It means VAD is now accessible in every Australian state.

nsw strangulation offence

NSW to upgrade strangulation offences

Serious strangulation offences in NSW could be included in the same violent crimes category as murder and manslaughter offences.

milk recall

Milk recalled from Tempo Foods due to contamination concerns

Tempo Foods has recalled some milk products across NSW and Victoria due to microbial (E. coli) contamination.

What are the strip-searching rules in NSW?
Culture News

Strip searches fall short of protocols

What are the strip-searching rules in NSW? An audit found less than one-third of strip searches are following correct legal processes.

Drink spiking in Australia

Spiking hits record highs in NSW

Drink spiking is illegal across Australia, yet reports have hit record-breaking highs in the country’s most populated state. Here’s why

Opal card shake-up
News Politics

Opal card shake-up on the way

A shake-up of the Opal card system will begin next month, following a change by the NSW Government. Here’s what it means for you

NSW teachers pay rise
News Politics

First-year NSW teachers to earn $85k under new deal

Some NSW teachers will get a $10,000 pay rise under a new deal proposed by the State Government. One final approval is now needed.

The Daily Aus podcast
News Politics

Why NSW teachers are angry

The NSW Teachers Federation says it has been betrayed by the NSW Government in wage negotiations – and teachers are angry too. One teacher told us this is a “kick in the gut”, while someone else described it as a “slap in the face”.

In today’s deep dive we’ll explain what led to these negotiations breaking down, and what the Government is saying in response.

Listen to ‘Teachers told us they aren’t coping’.

fire ants
News Science

NSW is scrambling to stop fire ants crossing from Queensland

Fire ants have been discovered six kilometres from the NSW border, prompting new restrictions to stop the ants from going across state lines.

Australia phase out caged egg
News Politics

Caged eggs are set to be phased out by 2036 – will it actually happen on time?

A caged egg ban will begin by 2036 under a plan endorsed by Australia’s governments. But one has already said it will make its own rules.

legalise cannabis party
News Politics

The Legalise Cannabis Party introduced bills in NSW, VIC and WA today

Queensland transgender laws
News Politics

Queensland passes new LGBTQIA+ identity laws – here’s what they mean

New laws supporting transgender people were passed in Queensland this week. They put the state in line with most of Australia. Here’s how

how much money do pokies make
News Politics

NSW gamblers lost $4 billion to pokies in the second half of last year

How much money do pokies make? Over $4 billion during six months in NSW last year, new data has found. Here’s where they make the most cash.

mobile phone ban at nsw schools
News Politics

Mobile phones will be banned in NSW high schools from October

A phone ban at schools will be in place in NSW. It’s the sixth state or territory to announce the ban. Here’s what it might look like.

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