News Corp and OpenAI
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ChatGPT to start using News Corp content

News Corp and OpenAI has signed a multi-year deal that will allow ChatGPT answer user prompts with content from the multinational company.

OpenAI voice cloning tool
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Why OpenAI won’t release its new voice cloning tool this year

“It’s important that people around the world understand where this technology is headed, whether we ultimately deploy this technology ourselves or not,” OpenAI said.

altman back at openai
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Sam Altman back at OpenAI

Sam Altman has returned as CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, days after being fired by the board.

The Daily Aus podcast

How the ChatGPT co-founder got fired

Last week one of the biggest names in artificial intelligence, Sam Altman, was removed as CEO of OpenAI – the tech company behind ChatGPT. Altman co-founded the company with Elon Musk, and news of the board’s decision to dump him as CEO has taken many in tech and business by surprise. There have been plenty of questions surrounding his departure, so in the deep dive we’ll take you through what we know about why Altman was ousted, what OpenAI has said about the news, and Altman’s version of events.


Hosts: Zara Seidler & Sam Koslowski

Producers: Harry Sekulich, Emma Gillespie & Joe Kiely

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Sam Altman fired

Co-founder of OpenAI Sam Altman sacked as company CEO

The board of the artificial intelligence company behind ChatGPT, OpenAI, has dumped co-founder Sam Altman as CEO.

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