Kelly Bayer Rosmarin

Details of Optus outage laid bare in Canberra

Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin faced a two-hour grilling by a Senate Committee in Canberra on Friday morning. Here’s what we learnt.

optus outage service restore

Optus customers to get extra data after outage

Optus has announced eligible postpaid customers (such as users who pay for monthly plans) will be given 200GB of extra data after 10 million customers were impacted by an outage on Wednesday.

Optus outage

What has been the fallout from the Optus outage?

Optus is under pressure to explain an outage that left millions of people without phone signal or cellular data for several hours.

optus outage service restore

Optus outage: when will service be restored?

Optus has confirmed it has started to restore service to the millions of customers left without mobile coverage and cellular data since an outage began in the early hours of this morning.

should porn have an age limit

Porn restrictions targeted ahead of regulations coming into effect

The eSafety Commissioner has delivered a blueprint for adding an age limit on porn in Australia. This is what they said

optus data breach class action lawsuit

A class action lawsuit over the 2022 Optus data breach has been launched

Over 100,000 current and former Optus customers have filed a class action lawsuit over a cyberattack on its systems last year

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