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Jacinta Allan is considering a pill testing trial in Victoria.
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Is Victoria considering its first pill testing trial?

Victoria Premier Jacinta Allan is considering a pill testing trial in the state, following a spate of festival deaths over recent years.

Queensland pill testing results
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Queensland stages first-ever drug checking

The results from the first Queensland pill testing centre have been shared, less than one week after the first service was staged.

Queensland's pill testing service will start next week at the ‘Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival', the state government has announced.
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Queenslanders will be able to access pill testing for the first time from next week

Queenslanders will be able to legally access pill testing for the first time at ‘Rabbits Eat Lettuce’ festival over the Easter long weekend.

pill testing

Three drugs new to Australia found at pill testing site

A pill testing site in Canberra has discovered three never-before-seen substances in recreational drugs in Australia.

Melbourne festival pill testing
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Possible overdoses at a Melbourne festival sparks pill testing plea

Calls for pill testing are growing after nine people were taken to hospital for suspected overdoses at a Hardmission festival in Melbourne last Saturday night.

when will pill testing open

Pill testing one step closer to reality in Queensland

Queensland pill testing centres could open their doors from the end of this year, according to new documents issued by the state government.

pill testing results
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Here are the results from Canberra’s pill testing centre after 1,000 samples

Canberra’s pill testing centre has returned fascinating results after opening in July. This is what they are

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