2024 india election voting
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2024 India election: 1 billion begin voting

Polls across the world’s largest democracy will remain open until 1 June.

Penny Wong has become the longest serving female minister.
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Foreign Minister Penny Wong has become Australia’s longest-serving female minister

Foreign Minister Penny Wong has become Australia’s longest-serving female minister, overtaking former Liberal politician Amanda Vanstone.

western australia new gun laws
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The WA Government is proposing the “toughest” gun laws in Australia

Premier Roger Cook said the laws would make WA the first state to impose a limit on the number of firearms someone can legally possess.

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Explained: Court finds Donald Trump exaggerated his net worth

A New York judge has ruled that Donald Trump inflated his net worth to obtain better loans. It won’t impact his ability to run for President.

Natasha Fyles

Why Northern Territory leader Natasha Fyles resigned

Northern Territory Chief Minister Natasha Fyles has resigned after it was revealed she didn’t declare her shares in a mining company.

Bruce Lehrmann defamation
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Here’s the latest in Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation trial

Bruce Lehrmann is suing Network Ten for defamation over a 2021 interview with Brittany Higgins where she alleged she was raped.

Sussan Ley strip clubs

Senior Liberal woman wants to stop new strip clubs from opening

The Federal Liberal Party’s most senior female MP Sussan Ley wants new strip clubs to be stopped from opening.

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