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public transport accessibility
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Public transport accessibility standards for people with disability

The Federal Government has announced new accessibility standards for public transport aimed at better supporting Australians with disability.

transport spending
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Transport spending makes up 16% of household income

Transport spending, including public transport, accounted for around 16.4% of the average weekly income across Australia.

free public transport western australia

Free public transport in Western Australia for students

Public transport in Western Australia will be free for all school students from Monday to Friday, and for everyone on Sundays.

Free public transport for Victoria
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Free public transport days for Victoria

Free public transport for Victoria will be added for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, under an announcement made on Friday.

What are the rules for pets on public transport? 
Environment News

New push for pets on public transport

What are the rules for pets on public transport? There’s been a new push to expand pet access on buses, ferries, and trains in Sydney.

uber surge pricing nsw
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Uber will limit surge pricing in NSW when there are public transport disruptions

Uber will cap surge pricing in NSW when there are unexpected public transport disruptions under a new deal with the state government.

Myki pay with phone

Myki changes: Victorians set to pay with phone or credit card

The Victorian Government has announced changes to its public transport ticketing system, myki, including payment by phone and bank card.

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