Qantas cancelled flights
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Qantas agrees to pay $120 million over cancelled flights

Qantas and the ACCC have reached a settlement that could include the airline paying $120 million over selling tickets for cancelled flights.

Customers with delayed or cancelled flights in and out of Sydney airport will receive a reason from their airline
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Airlines will need to explain why they cancelled your Sydney flight

Airlines will need to tell customers why they cancel flights in and out of Sydney airport, as an audit into slot hoarding gets underway.

Qantas and the District Court

Qantas guilty of illegal worker treatment

The NSW District Court found Qantas acted unlawfully when suspending a worker who refused to clean planes at the start of the pandemic.

Who are Australia's biggest companies backing at the referendum?

Qantas, CommBank among business giants backing Yes vote

Who are Australia’s biggest companies backing at the referendum? None have backed the No campaign, while several are supporting the Yes vote.

qantas high court 1,700
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High Court: Qantas unlawfully sacked 1,700 workers during the pandemic

The court was considering an appeal from Qantas, who had already lost twice before the Federal Court and the Full Federal Court.

what was the qatar airways decision
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Backlash continues over decision to block Qatar flights

What was the Qatar Airways decision? The Government is facing sustained backlash over their call to block more flights into Australia.

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Does Qantas owe you money?

A Senate Inquiry has accused Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, of misleading the Australian public. The outgoing Qantas boss faced a 90-minute grilling this week, including questions over the airline’s mishandling of cancelled Covid flights. In the deep dive, we’ll explain the Qantas credit controversy leading up to this point, and what to know if you, or someone you know, still has credits.


Hosts: Zara Seidler and Sam Koslowski

Producer: Ninah Kopel

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Why is Qantas being sued?

Qantas is being sued for its handling of cancelled COVID flights

Why is Qantas being sued? Proceedings over Qantas’ handling of cancelled flights during the pandemic have begun. Here are the details

Who are Australia's top-earning CEOs

The CEOs of Australia’s biggest companies earn 55 times more than the average worker

Australia’s top-earning CEOs made over $160 million in the 2021/22 financial year, a new report has found. Here’s the breakdown

qantas and virgin duopoly

The consumer watchdog has warned against Qantas and Virgin’s domestic duopoly

The domestic duopoly between Qantas and Virgin is pushing up prices and lowering customer experience, the ACCC says. Here are the details

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