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New Queensland legislation
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Queensland to change sexual assault laws

New Queensland legislation will focus on supporting victim-survivors during criminal trials, and add new offences for adult abusers.

Queensland reproductive leave
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Queensland nurses among those to receive reproductive health leave

Reproductive leave will be offered to Queensland Government employees from later this year, under a new measure due to help thousands.

Queensland has decriminalised sex work, with laws passing Parliament yesterday afternoon.
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Queensland has decriminalised sex work

Queensland has decriminalised sex work, with laws passing Parliament yesterday afternoon. The legislation was introduced in February.

queensland energy rebate
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Queensland to receive $1,000 energy rebate

Queensland Premier Steven Miles has announced a $1,000 energy bill rebate for all households.

Road deaths in Australia
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Road deaths rise by 8% across Australia

Road deaths in Australia are on the rise, according to new data from the Australian Automobile Association.

Brisbane pill testing centre
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Australia’s second-ever pill testing centre opens

A pill testing centre in Brisbane opened on Friday, becoming the second fixed drug checking site in Australia.

queensland 75% emissions reduction
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Queensland commits to 75% emissions reduction by 2035

Qld Premier Steven Miles said the laws would put the state “on par“ with the most ambitious targets in the country.

queensland teacher resignations
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Queensland teacher resignations: 9000+ since pandemic

More than 55,000 teachers and 19,000 teacher aides are currently employed by Queensland’s Department of Education, across 1,264 state schools.

Queensland pill testing results
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Queensland stages first-ever drug checking

The results from the first Queensland pill testing centre have been shared, less than one week after the first service was staged.

queensland abortion access
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Queensland abortion access just got easier

Queensland Parliament has passed laws to increase the number of midwives in hospitals and increase abortion access.

Pill testing in Australia
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What’s happening with pill testing in Australia?

Pill testing in Australia is a loaded subject, full of conflicting opinions and viewpoints. Here we break down the state of pill testing in Australia.

Sex work in Queensland
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Queensland sex work one step closer to decriminalisation

Sex work in Queensland will be decriminalised under new laws introduced by the Government this week. The changes are expected to pass.

Queensland man arrested
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Man charged with 1,000 child abuse images

A Queensland man arrested and charged with possessing over 1,000 child abuse images will face court next month.

Brisbane flooding
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Recovery starts for southeast Queensland

Brisbane flooding has caused destruction, one week after Ex-Tropical Cyclone Kirrily swept through Far North Queensland.

2032 Olympics review
Politics Sport

2032 Olympics under snap review

A snap review of the 2032 Brisbane Olympics will begin today, following concerns of a cost blowout ahead of the event.

Why are fire ants dangerous? 
Environment News

New fears of fire ant spread

Why are fire ants dangerous? A warning has been issued amid fears of a new spread of fire ants in northern NSW and southeast Queensland.

Human rights laws in Australia
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Australian human rights falling behind globally

Human rights laws in Australia are falling behind other Western democracies, Human Rights Watch has said in their latest global report.

Are supermarkets price gouging? 
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Miles takes price fight to supermarkets

Are supermarkets price gouging? Two Australian leaders have renewed concerns amid cost-of-living struggles.

lgbtiq crime inquiry stories
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Stories from the NSW LGBTIQ hate crime inquiry

An inquiry investigated NSW Police’s response to 32 unsolved deaths, suspected to be LGBTIQ hate crimes, from 1970 to 2010. Here are some of their stories.

Queensland floods latest news
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Rescue efforts continue in Queensland

Evaucations and rescue missions will continue on Wednesday, as large-scale responses to the Queensland floods progress.

Who is Steven Miles?

Who is Queensland’s incoming Premier Steven Miles?

Who is Steven Miles? The Deputy tipped to become Queensland’s new Premier after Annastacia Palaszczuk announced she would retire.

Who replaces Palaszczuk?

New leaders emerge after Palaszczuk exit

Who replaces Palaszczuk? Senior Queensland Government ministers are preparing a leadership bid following the longtime premier’s retirement.

Hospitalised for vaping

Lung puncture found after night of vaping

James was hospitalised for vaping after one night of vaping at the start of his bucks weekend. Doctors later found a hole in his lung.

Queensland maternity laws
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Historic maternity laws tabled in Queensland

Maternity laws introduced in Queensland yesterday would provide a new model for newborn baby and birthing parent care.

Queensland dangerous dog laws
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Dog owners to face jail time under new laws

The Queensland Government has tabled dangerous dog laws designed to improve public safety. Here’s what they include.

queensland strata smoking laws

Queensland’s new strata smoking laws

Queensland’s Parliament has passed new laws that could see strata tenants banned from smoking or vaping outdoors.

watchhouses at least a week

Exclusive: Over 1,500 children held in Qld watchhouses for at least a week

Over 1,500 children spent at least one week detained in a Queensland police watchhouse from 2018 to 2023, according to data given to TDA.

Flexible school hours in Queensland
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School hour shake-up for Queensland

Flexible school hours in Queensland will be investigated by external officials before being approved under a new policy.

bruce lehrmann toowoomba

Why the media couldn’t name Bruce Lehrmann in alleged rape case

This week, the media was able to name Bruce Lehrmann as the man charged with two counts of rape in Queensland earlier this year.

Nazi bans in Australia

Queensland passes hate symbol laws

More Nazi bans in Australia were added on Thursday, following the passing of laws in Queensland Parliament.

rape reporting australia
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Accused rapists in Queensland can be publicly named from next month

Queensland has changed a law that stopped the reporting of people accused of rape. There’s now only one part of Australia with the laws.

when will pill testing open

Pill testing one step closer to reality in Queensland

Queensland pill testing centres could open their doors from the end of this year, according to new documents issued by the state government.

what's a watchhouse
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Queensland to override human rights with new youth detention laws

Queensland has passed laws that will support the long-term detention of children in police watchhouses. Here’s what’s happened.

Queensland watch house
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Queensland Government admits to unlawful child police detention

The Queensland Government has conceded it unlawfully held eight children in police watch houses. The ruling could trigger further findings.

fire ants
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NSW is scrambling to stop fire ants crossing from Queensland

Fire ants have been discovered six kilometres from the NSW border, prompting new restrictions to stop the ants from going across state lines.

Queensland dog breeds ban
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Banning the ownership of some dog breeds is being considered in Queensland

A ban on some dog breeds in Queensland could be added as part of new reforms aimed at preserving community safety. Here’s what they are

Queensland transgender laws
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Queensland passes new LGBTQIA+ identity laws – here’s what they mean

New laws supporting transgender people were passed in Queensland this week. They put the state in line with most of Australia. Here’s how

Queensland rape laws
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Queensland wants to overturn law that currently prevents accused rapists from being named

The Queensland Government has unveiled plans to change a safeguard within its rape laws. Here’s what it would do

Queensland rent cap

Queensland rent increases will be limited to once a year under new controls

The Queensland Government has announced plans to curb housing stress through a new rent cap. But Parliament will need to approve it first.

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