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rba interest rates on hold
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RBA keeps interest rates on hold again

The RBA is Australia’s central bank. Its key responsibility is setting the ‘cash rate’ — an interest rate it charges commercial banks for short-term loans.

Changes to the RBA
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Reserve Bank holds cash rate as new system takes effect

Changes to the RBA announced last year formally came into effect this week, following the first board meeting of the year.

What is the cash rate? 
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Bullock leaves cash rate unchanged

What is the cash rate? The Reserve Bank chose to leave the cash rate unchanged on Tuesday – the last meeting of 2023.

Interest rates and inflation

How do higher interest rates affect inflation?

The 13th interest rate increase since May 2022 has re-ignited the debate about the use of higher interest rates to fight inflation.

Interest rates and inflation
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Cash rate reaches 12-year high

Why did the cash rate rise? The Reserve Bank decided to raise the cash rate again on Tuesday, after keeping it unchanged since July.

rba cash rate 4.1%

RBA keeps cash rate at 4.1% for the fourth month in a row

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has kept the cash rate unchanged at 4.1% for a fourth consecutive month.

Philip Lowe final speech

Philip Lowe hits back at media in final speech as RBA Governor

In his final speech, RBA Governor Philip Lowe has criticised the media for personal attacks but admitted he had “difficulties” communicating.

why is inflation slowing
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Inflation slows for the third straight month

Inflation grew by 4.9% in the year up to July 2023, according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

who is the RBA governor

RBA Governor Philip Lowe will be replaced at the end of his term

RBA Governor Philip Lowe will not be re-appointed for a second term, replaced instead by his deputy Michele Bullock.

RBA cut interest rate meetings

The RBA has left interest rates unchanged for July

The RBA has left interest rates unchanged at 4.1% for the month of July, with RBA Governor Philip Lowe saying inflation has “passed its peak”.

RBA cut interest rate meetings

More experts, more debate: RBA review calls for major changes

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