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UK introduces tobacco and vaping bill to ban children from smoking

A bill, which is expected to pass, on new tobacco and vaping regulations has been introduced to UK Parliament.

tobacco usage

Tobacco usage has declined nationally

Tobacco usage among women is declining at a faster rate than men, who are now four times more likely to use tobacco than women.

new zealand repeal smoking laws

New Zealand government to repeal world-first smoking laws

Laws that would have gradually made cigarettes illegal in New Zealand will be scrapped, under the country’s new government.

queensland strata smoking laws

Queensland’s new strata smoking laws

Queensland’s Parliament has passed new laws that could see strata tenants banned from smoking or vaping outdoors.

UK smoking ban
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Sunak calls for lifetime cigarette bans

A smoking ban in the UK would stop a new generation of smokers from picking up the habit, Rishi Sunak says. Here’s the details

australia government plan to stop smoking
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The Australian Government has a new plan to stop smoking – here’s what it is

The Federal Government has unveiled plans to stop smoking in Australia. They’ll be formalised as legislation, which will be tabled this year.

The government's new restrictions on arrivals from China went against top health advice

The Federal Government is considering printing ‘smoking kills’ on individual cigarettes

Health Minister Mark Butler said the measures would “re-establish our reputation as a global leader in tobacco control”.

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