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Florida banned social media
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Florida banned under 14s from social media

Anyone in Florida under 14 is banned from having a social media account, and 15-16-year-olds must receive permission from a parent/carer.

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The uncertain future of news on social media

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Social media ban in Florida
Politics World

DeSantis casts doubt on social media ban

A social media ban in Florida for children under 16 is one step closer to reality, after the U.S. state’s lower house approved the proposal.

social media us senate

Why were social media bosses in the US Senate this week?

Following pressure from Senator Josh Hawley (Republican), Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologised to the families of victims of abuse on its platforms.

Sexually explicit AI images of Taylor Swift triggers fierce backlash against X

Sexually explicit AI images of Taylor Swift on X sparks backlash

Influencer guidelines

Social media stars face advertising concerns

Influencer guidelines will be distributed to social media stars, after an investigation by the Australian consumer watchdog.

meta ad-free subscription

Meta ad-free subscription launched in parts of Europe

Meta’s ad-free subscription was launched in response to laws around user data collection and consent in the European Union.

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Social media’s eating disorder ‘algorithm’

This week, eating disorder survivors and support advocates met with politicians and social media bosses in Federal Parliament. The meeting coincided with new research from The University of Melbourne which found TikTok shows more eating-disorder content, and more videos about dieting, exercise and appearance to people with eating disorders, than those without. In today’s deep dive, we talk to youth advocate for mental health Varsha Yajman about what happened in yesterday’s meeting and what needs to happen moving forward.


Guest: Varsha Yajman, youth mental health advocate

Hosts: Emma Gillespie and Ninah Kopel

Producer: Ninah Kopel

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should child influencers be paid
Politics World

Illinois is the first U.S. state to ensure child influencers are paid

Child influencers will be paid a guaranteed amount under new laws passed in the U.S. state of Illinois. Here’s how it will work

The Daily Aus podcast

The Threads vs Twitter cage match

Over 70 million people have already joined Meta’s new social media app ‘Threads’, which Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says is “way beyond” expectations.

Elon Musk had suggested a cage fight between the two men in the lead up to Threads’ launch, but now Twitter is threatening a lawsuit too.

Between cage fights and court battles, in today’s deep dive we’ll look at how the new app is faring.

can you cancel cancel culture
Culture News World

Singapore is considering laws to ban ‘cancel culture’

Can you cancel ‘cancel culture’? Singapore has unveiled plans to ban the trend, but it won’t come without a raft of difficulties. Here’s why

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