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Why thousands of students are striking today

Today, thousands of young people are expected to skip school to strike for climate action. The Schools Strike 4 Climate protests have been gaining momentum in recent years, becoming a national day of action from some of the country’s youngest activists. So, what are young people calling for, and what does the Government have to say about it? We spoke to high school student and Schools Strike 4 Climate spokesperson Min Park in today’s deep dive.


Hosts: Emma Gillespie and Billi FitzSimons

Guest: Min Park, Schools Strike 4 Climate spokesperson

Producers: Emma Gillespie and Joe Kiely

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School refusal

2 in 5 families experienced school refusal in the past year

Data from Lonergan, commissioned by The Greens, asked over 1,000 Australian parents about their experiences with school refusal.

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Voluntary HECS payments skyrocketed in May after the ATO announced student loans would be indexed at 7.1% in June.

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