A Senate inquiry into supermarkets has recommended making price gouging illegal.
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Price gouging should be illegal, according to a supermarkets inquiry

A Senate inquiry into how supermarkets set their prices has recommended making price gouging illegal to stop unfair cost increases.

Coles and Woolworths have recorded increased sales for the first quarter of the year.
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Coles and Woolies report $26b in first quarter sales

It comes amid several ongoing inquiries into the two major supermarkets, as they face questions over their conduct and profits during a cost of living crisis.

Woolworths was fined $1.2 million after it underpaid more than 1,200 workers long service leave.
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Woolworths fined $1.2 million for underpaying long service leave

Woolworths was fined $1.2 million after it unpaid more than 1,200 workers long service leave entitlements over several years.

Australian supermarkets
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Billion-dollar fines under supermarket proposal

Australian supermarkets could face billions of dollars in penalties for severe abuses of power, under a new proposal tabled on Monday.

coles woolies prices

Coles & Woolies: Inquiries into Australia’s Retail Giants

Will a string of inquiries into Australia's supermarkets bring down the cost of groceries?
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Will multiple inquiries into supermarkets make groceries cheaper?

Several inquiries are underway into the practices of Australia’s supermarkets, and how they set the prices of groceries.

Woolworths ceo Brad Banducci resigns
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The Woolworths CEO has resigned

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci has announced he is retiring in September this year.

Are supermarkets price gouging? 
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Miles takes price fight to supermarkets

Are supermarkets price gouging? Two Australian leaders have renewed concerns amid cost-of-living struggles.

Coles quiet hour

Coles quiet hour is introduced to increase accessibility

Coles has announced it’s expanding its ‘Quiet Hour’ option to every weekday, 6pm to 7pm across its stores nationally.

Coles bag check

Coles accused of mandatory bag checks for employees

Supermarket giant Coles has been accused of subjecting its workers to mandatory bag checks.

ALDI underpay

ALDI allegedly underpaid workers $150 million

The Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association estimates that more than 20,000 current and former employees are owed backpay.

milk recall

Milk recalled from Tempo Foods due to contamination concerns

Tempo Foods has recalled some milk products across NSW and Victoria due to microbial (E. coli) contamination.

coles body-worn cameras

Coles’ body-worn camera trial: will it reduce retail crime?

The measure will be trialled across 30 stores in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland.

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