A 33-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly stabbing a police officer in the head in Sydney's CBD.
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Man arrested after police officer stabbed in Sydney CBD

A 33-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly stabbing a police officer in the head in Sydney’s CBD.

A Sydney council has banned a books on same-sex parenting across its libraries.
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A Sydney council banned same-sex parent books from its libraries

Cumberland Council has banned a books on same-sex parenting across its libraries, as the NSW Government considers reducing council funding.

How does the Australian media respond to tragedy?
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How does Australia’s media respond to tragedy?

wakeley church stabbing
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What to know about the Wakeley church stabbing

Per NSW Police, the injured people suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were treated by paramedics.

What is a Black Nor'Easter?
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Sydney braces for torrential downpour

What is a Black Nor’Easter? Sydney is bracing for torrential downpour, with a severe weather warning being issued for much of eastern NSW.

A man is in custody over missing Sydney couple
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Man hands himself in over missing Sydney couple

Police are speaking with a man over missing Sydney couple Jesse Baird and Luke Davies, who haven’t been seen since Monday.

Taekwondo instructor murders
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Taekwondo instructor arrested for three alleged murders

Investigators alleged the taekwondo instructor was responsible for their murders, but said a motive has not yet been established.

Neo-Nazis in Sydney
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Minns issues legal threat to neo-Nazis

Neo-Nazis were in Sydney across the long weekend, prompting condemnation and a legal threat from NSW Premier Chris Minns.

Sydney Legionnaire's disease NYE
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Sydney on alert for Legionnaire’s disease over busy holiday period

Legionnaire’s disease is feared to be spreading after seven infected people confirmed they were in Sydney’s CBD over the past three weeks.

Regional Australia housing

More people are leaving cities for regional NSW

A new report shows regional New South Wales (NSW) is now the most popular part of Australia for residents moving away from cities.

Woman killed Sydney school

Young woman’s body found at Sydney school

A young woman is believed to have been killed after her body was found at the Sydney school where she worked.

Palestine rally
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Police consider special powers for Palestine rally

A pro-Palestine rally on Sunday afternoon in Sydney could be subject to “extraordinary” police powers, following a similar protest on Monday.

What are the rules for pets on public transport? 
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New push for pets on public transport

What are the rules for pets on public transport? There’s been a new push to expand pet access on buses, ferries, and trains in Sydney.

Opal card shake-up
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Opal card shake-up on the way

A shake-up of the Opal card system will begin next month, following a change by the NSW Government. Here’s what it means for you

fire ants
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NSW is scrambling to stop fire ants crossing from Queensland

Fire ants have been discovered six kilometres from the NSW border, prompting new restrictions to stop the ants from going across state lines.

Melbourne third most liveable city

Melbourne edges Sydney to claim world’s third most liveable city

Melbourne has narrowly beaten Sydney to be the most liveable city in Australia for 2023, and third worldwide.

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