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A new campaign to ‘save’ teaching

A new government campaign, ‘Be That Teacher’ is trying to inspire a new generation of educators . This comes as Australia faces a national teacher shortage, with the Federal Government saying that from 2021 to 2025 the country will have 4,100 fewer teachers than needed. In today’s deep dive, we’ll look at whether this campaign is likely to bring new teachers to the profession, and whether inspiration is enough for the teachers already considering quitting.

teacher recruitment campaign

Why the govt launched a teacher recruitment campaign

Federal, state and territory governments have launched a national recruitment campaign aimed at encouraging more people to become teachers.

The Daily Aus podcast

Why NSW teachers are angry

The NSW Teachers Federation says it has been betrayed by the NSW Government in wage negotiations – and teachers are angry too. One teacher told us this is a “kick in the gut”, while someone else described it as a “slap in the face”.

In today’s deep dive we’ll explain what led to these negotiations breaking down, and what the Government is saying in response.

Listen to ‘Teachers told us they aren’t coping’.

Should paid work be added to teaching degrees

Australia’s prospective teachers could have paid work added to their degrees under a government-backed plan

Should paid work be added to teaching degrees? Australia’s Education Ministers have backed a paid employment plan for prospective teachers.

Chris Minns Interview with TDA

TDA’s chat with NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns

NSW public school teachers will strike for 24 hours today

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