Nepal TikTok ban

Nepal has banned TikTok

The Nepalese Government has banned TikTok on all devices in the country. It’s accused the platform of disrupting “social harmony” and spreading “indecent materials”.

banning wechat in australia

WeChat could be banned on government devices under Senate recommendation

Is Roblox safe

Is Roblox safe? Safety experts don’t think so

An online safety expert says “hundreds and hundreds” of children are at risk of grooming on Roblox every week. Is Roblox safe?

is tiktok banned in australia

Are Australian politicians deleting their TikTok accounts?

Is TikTok banned in Australia? The Government has announced TikTok will be deleted from government devices. Will politicians be deleting it?

why TikTok ban

The Australian Government has banned TikTok on all its devices

TikTok will be deleted from all Australian Government devices. Why’s it happening, and has it happened elsewhere? Here’s what you need to know.

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