Tony Burke

Engineered stone ban

Proposed engineered stone ban over silica risk

Engineered stone is found in household kitchens. It contains a mineral called called silica. Safe Work Australia has called for a total ban on it. Here’s why.

Wage theft jail time

Uber Eats and Menulog drivers to receive extra protections under Government proposal

The gig economy often works as many hours as their full-time counterparts, but don’t have the same entitlements, such as sick or annual leave.

The Daily Aus podcast

Casual or permanent: which would you choose?

Casual employees who work consistent hours could have the option to become permanent employees under a new Government proposal. Employment Minister Tony Burke says it would mean job security for those who want it, but not everyone is a fan of the changes. In today’s deep dive we’ll explain what’s on the table for casual workers, and why some businesses are against the reforms.

The Federal Government has passed changes to workplace laws

The Federal Government has passed changes to workplace laws

The Government has passed changes to wages laws through the Senate.

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