Grindr is accused of passing on health information, like HIV status, from its app to advertising companies.
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Grindr accused of sharing HIV statuses of some users

LGBTQ+ app Grindr is facing a lawsuit in the UK over allegations it passed on private health information, like HIV status, to ad companies.

uk donations charity 2023
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Lowest-income UK suburbs made the most donations to charity in 2023, study finds

Three-quarters of households gave to charities last year through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering.

UK tobacco vaping
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UK introduces tobacco and vaping bill to ban children from smoking

A bill, which is expected to pass, on new tobacco and vaping regulations has been introduced to UK Parliament.

andrew tate new charges
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Andrew Tate is facing new charges in the UK

UK post office scandal
Politics World

What is the UK post office scandal?

Hundreds of UK post office operators were sent to prison for fraud or theft, in a scandal that has since cost the Government millions.

uk definition wine

The UK is changing its definition of wine

The UK Government has announced it will amend the legal definition of wine to reflect demand for low and no-alcohol versions of the drink.

porn age verification laws

The UK will introduce age verification laws for porn

New age verification measures will be rolled out across the UK to limit children’s access to online pornography.

northern territory housing deal

A UK museum has returned cultural artefacts to a First Nations community in the Northern Territory

The items, called the ‘Worsley Collection’, included spears and shell dolls. The artefacts were bought or traded for in the 1950s.

The Daily Aus podcast
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The UK’s worst serial killer of children

The worst serial killer of children in modern UK history has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Lucy Letby was a neonatal nurse when she targeted newborns in her care in 2015 and 2016. During this time, Letby’s colleagues claim they held suspicions about her. In today’s deep dive, we’ll explore the investigation that led to Letby’s arrest, what her sentencing means, and what comes next.

lucy letby sentenced to life

Lucy Letby has received a life sentence for murder of newborns

The neonatal nurse targeted newborns in her care at a hospital in northwest England between 2015 and 2016.

bbc presenter taken off air
News World

A BBC presenter has been taken off air after allegedly paying a teenager for sexually explicit photos

An unnamed BBC presenter has been accused of paying a teenager for sexually explicit photos. He’s since been pulled from the air.

UK wind energy
Environment World

The UK has set a new renewable energy record

New data has shown wind was the highest-used energy source in the first three months of 2023 in the UK. Here’s the breakdown

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