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Best universities in Australia according to QS rankings

These are the best universities in Australia from QS World University Rankings for 2025, with three universities making the global top 20.

Placement students will be eligible for $320 payments while they complete mandatory work experience.
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Federal Government to pay for practical placements

Teaching, nursing, midwifery, and social work students will be eligible for $320 payments while they complete their placement.

HECs debts are due to soar by 4.8% unless the Government changes the way the debts are calculated.
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HECS indexation 2024: student debt could rise 4.8% in June

HECs debt could increase 4.8% based on the way it is currently calculated, unless the Federal Government changes indexation methods.

University students sitting in lecutre

How unpaid uni placements are causing ‘placement poverty’

Student safety

New plan to stop on-campus violence

Student safety at Australian universities is threatened by widespread reports of sexual violence. A new action plan hopes to confront this.

Changes for international students
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Crackdown on foreign student system begins

Changes for international students are hoped to stop dodgy education agents and providers from taking advantage of students.

voluntary hecs payments skyrocket

Exclusive: Voluntary HECS payments skyrocketed in May before indexation kicked in

Voluntary HECS payments skyrocketed in May after the ATO announced student loans would be indexed at 7.1% in June.

50% pass rule
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The Federal Government will scrap a rule that stops failing students from accessing HECS

A rule that excludes university students from studebt debt support based on their academic output will be axed. Here’s why

Should paid jobs be part of a degree?

Should paid jobs be added to degrees? Six major Australian universities think so

A group of Australian universities have called for paid jobs to be added to degrees. But what would it look like? Here are the details.

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