UK tobacco vaping
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UK introduces tobacco and vaping bill to ban children from smoking

A bill, which is expected to pass, on new tobacco and vaping regulations has been introduced to UK Parliament.

vape use tripled
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Vape use tripled since 2019, per AIHW

The independent government agency also found, for the first time, that young women were as likely as young men to use illicit drugs in 2022/23.

what's in your vape

What’s inside disposable vapes?

Understanding Vaping

The forces trying to legalise vaping

As we dive a bit deeper, to examine the forces trying to legalise vaping, we uncover the role Big Tobacco has to play.

Understanding Vaping

How illegal are vapes?

We’ve known for some time that buying nicotine vapes over the counter has been illegal.

Pod Cover Final

What is actually in a vape?

The rules around vaping in Australia are about to change.

tobacco usage

Tobacco usage has declined nationally

Tobacco usage among women is declining at a faster rate than men, who are now four times more likely to use tobacco than women.

Global vaping popularity
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WHO urges ban on all vape flavours

Global vaping popularity has almost tripled since 2015, though the World Health Organisation warns that reforms haven’t kept up.

Hospitalised for vaping

Lung puncture found after night of vaping

James was hospitalised for vaping after one night of vaping at the start of his bucks weekend. Doctors later found a hole in his lung.

restrict recreational vapes 2024

Recreational vapes to be banned from 2024

New measures to restrict the use of recreational vapes will be introduced from 1 January 2024 under a new government timeline.

restrict recreational vapes 2024

Border officials seize $11 million worth of illegal vapes

Over 32 tonnes of illegal vapes have been intercepted by the Australian Border Force (ABF) with an estimated street value of $11 million.

nsw vape crackdown

What to know about NSW’s vape crackdown

The NSW Government has pledged $6.8 million to expand its vaping crackdown, after a record-breaking number of vape seizures.

australia government plan to stop smoking
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The Australian Government has a new plan to stop smoking – here’s what it is

The Federal Government has unveiled plans to stop smoking in Australia. They’ll be formalised as legislation, which will be tabled this year.

Chris Minns Interview with TDA

TDA’s chat with NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns

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