Western Australia

WA’s Minister for Women’s Interests Sue Ellery said free period products in Western Australia (WA) would help to “ensure that having your period is not a barrier for school participation”.
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Western Australia to offer free period products in primary schools

Free period products in WA primary schools will begin from July, under a new announcement from the state government.

WA boat arrival
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Here’s what we know about the second WA boat arrival this year

A second boat has arrived in remote WA this year carrying suspected asylum seekers, which has set off a political brawl.

Free flu jabs in Australia
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Free flu jabs for two Australian states

Free flu jabs have been announced for two states in Australia, ahead of an expected surge in cases during winter.

seven people missing WA
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Seven people are missing in remote WA

Emergency services are searching for seven people – five children and two elderly people – feared missing in floodwaters in remote WA.

WA plastic bans
Environment News

New plastic bans in WA

New plastic bans in WA came into effect on Friday. It’s part of a multi-year, gradual phase-out of harmful items across the state.

western australia new gun laws
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The WA Government is proposing the “toughest” gun laws in Australia

Premier Roger Cook said the laws would make WA the first state to impose a limit on the number of firearms someone can legally possess.

WA public schools funding

WA public schools to receive full funding, says govt

This week, the WA government announced it would increase public school funding from 95% to 100% in the next two years.

Livestock ship WA

Thousands of livestock stuck on ship in WA

There are calls for the livestock ship to be returned to Australia, amid growing concerns about their health during heatwave conditions in WA.

free public transport western australia

Free public transport in Western Australia for students

Public transport in Western Australia will be free for all school students from Monday to Friday, and for everyone on Sundays.

Free public transport for Victoria
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Free public transport days for Victoria

Free public transport for Victoria will be added for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, under an announcement made on Friday.

Pat Dodson quits politics
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First Nations Senator Pat Dodson is quitting politics

Pat Dodson, a First Nations man and Labor Senator, has announced he’s quitting politics after seven years.

Perth bushfires

Bushfires have destroyed 10 homes north of Perth

Over 500 emergency personnel are responding to around 60 Perth bushfires with a heatwave expected to continue for several days.

WA Airbnb

Here’s why WA is offering $10,000 to Airbnb property owners

Property owners in WA could receive $10,000 to list their accommodation as long-term rentals, instead of on ‘short-stay’ accommodation platforms, like Airbnb and Stayz.

wage control laws
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WA agrees to $180m wage theft settlement

Wage control laws were used in Western Australia from 1936 to 1972 to restrict the pay of First Nations people.

WA first nations youth detention

First Nations boy dies after incident in WA youth detention cell

A 16-year-old First Nations boy died at a Perth hospital on Thursday night after being found unresponsive in his cell at a youth detention centre last week.

western australia gun licence

Western Australia will have the country’s toughest gun laws

The Western Australian Government wants to introduce tighter regulations on gun ownership. It says the reforms would make it the toughest state on guns in Australia.

Abortion laws in Australia
News Politics

Abortion laws pass in Western Australia

Abortion laws in Western Australia are set for a shake-up, following the passing of new legislation that will decriminalise abortion.

Who is James Hayward?
News Politics

Who is James Hayward? Ex-MP guilty of child sexual abuse

James Hayward was found guilty of sexually abusing a young girl this week, more than one year after charges were brought against him.

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