national cabinet violence against women
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National Cabinet meeting to discuss violence against women

Albanese said the leaders will discuss the Government’s 10-year National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children at National Cabinet.

New York police hijabs
News World

New York Police fined for allegedly forcing women to remove hijabs

Jamilla Clark and Arwa Aziz both alleged they were forced to remove their hijabs in front of male New York police officers.

gender bias health care
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2 in 3 women experience gender bias in health care

Over 70% had experienced gender bias in the diagnosis and treatment of a health condition. 72% had experienced gender bias at the GP.

endometriosis treatment

The Federal Govt’s update on its endometriosis treatment National Action Plan

Over the last few years, 22 pain clinics – aimed at improving access to endometriosis treatment and diagnosis – have opened in Australia.

Victoria launches women's pain inquiry
Politics Science

Victoria will launch Australia-first women’s pain inquiry

The Victorian Government will set up an inquiry into how the state’s healthcare system addresses women’s pain.

Sussan Ley strip clubs

Senior Liberal woman wants to stop new strip clubs from opening

The Federal Liberal Party’s most senior female MP Sussan Ley wants new strip clubs to be stopped from opening.

icelandic women strike

Why Icelandic women are on strike

Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir is among thousands of women and non-binary people expected to stop work today for a national women’s strike.

pharmacies resupply pill

NSW pharmacies can now resupply the pill

It means eligible patients can access the pill without the need for a GP appointment. The initiative is part of a trial by the NSW Government.

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