Can we trust artificial intelligence?



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Facial recognition technology is making headlines. But what\’s it all about?

Facial recognition is definitely a very useful technology that accelerate a lot of our process. So have a mobile phone and a lot of us using face ID. That\’s the safer and more probably efficient. Then you remember password and typing data is one of the biggest risk. But facial recognition technology like that\’s proper data.

Some of Australia\’s biggest retailers have admitted they\’ve been collecting biometric data without shoppers consent.

Now the stores say it\’s for theft prevention to stop things getting stolen from the stores. But there are some serious concerns around the legalities and the ethics of facial recognition technology at the shops. We should be super worried about it.

The idea that we can be remotely and passively identified without our knowing just feels like an invasion. Face recognition can happen at a distance without your doing anything deliberate to make it happen. It can be done without your knowledge. Other forms of identification, like fingerprinting. You\’ve got a fingerprint yourself. Often I\’ll talk to people who say, I don\’t care.

I\’m not doing anything wrong. They kind of trust the political authorities to handle this information the right way. The danger of handing any set of authorities a very powerful surveillance tool without accountability is that even though you trust them now down the road, they may be tempted to use it in ways that you wouldn\’t want them to use it.

Can we trust? I, I think sure we can. If we design the trustworthy paradigm to implement A.I..

The discussion around I will continue to grow and expand as the technology itself develops. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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