Why Sophie Delezio wants you to stop calling her an inspiration


Sophie Delezio was just 2 years old when a car crashed into her daycare, leaving her with third-degree burns covering 85% of her body and claiming both her legs. 4 years later, Sophie made headlines again after she was involved in another car crash while crossing the street. She has grown up in the media spotlight, often refered to as an inspiration, and joins us for a special TDA Rewind episode to discuss the importance of honesty in media portrayal, breaking stereotypes, and fostering mental health awareness.

Through her candid storytelling, Sophie aims to spark conversations, promote inclusivity, and empower others to embrace their uniqueness. Watch now for a glimpse into Sophie’s extraordinary life and the impactful message she champions.

This video is part of our TDA Rewind series where we look back at prominent moments in the media and speak to the person who was at the centre of it all. Click here to discover more TDA Rewind episodes.

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