Christian school apologises for anti-LGBTQ+ contract

A Brisbane Christian school has expressed regret” over an anti-LGBTQ+ ‘enrolment contract’.
A Christian school in Brisbane has issued an “expression of regret” over an anti-LGBTQ+ ‘enrolment contract’.

A Christian school in Brisbane has issued an “expression of regret” over an anti-LGBTQ+ ‘enrolment contract’.

A 2022 document issued by Citipointe Christian College banned transgender students and described homosexuality as “sinful.”

A statement posted to the college’s website on Sunday said it “regrets any distress or concern” caused by the contract.

Here’s the latest.

The contract

Parents of Citipointe Christian College students were sent a contract at the start of the 2022 school year.

The contract demanded families sign a “statement of faith” that described homosexual acts as “offensive to God”.

The contract also excluded openly transgender students from enrolling in the school.

“We believe that God created human beings as male or female,” it said.


An online petition calling for the school to retract the contract received more than 155,000 signatures.

The issue was also referred to the state‘s Human Rights Commission over discrimination concerns from some parents and former students.

Citipointe eventually withdrew the contract and its principal resigned.

The school says it has since introduced anti-discrimination policies and training, and is committed to inclusion.


Citipointe issued an “expression of regret“ on Sunday, acknowledging the contract “caused distress and concern to some students, parents and guardians.“

“All persons have a right to be treated with respect and all students deserve to feel safe,” it said.

The statement noted the school had reached a settlement agreement with “a small group of parents“ who took anti-discrimination action.

“This agreement shows the College‘s commitment to anti-discrimination and its support of inclusion.“


Religious schools are exempt from certain anti-discrimination rules under the federal Sex Discrimination Act — meaning it‘s not illegal for a school to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

While some states have or have planned to introduce laws to prevent this type of discrimination, federal legislation can override these protections.

In March, the Government’s Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) recommended this protection be scrapped.

Govt response

The Government said it would consider the ALRC‘s proposal, but wouldn‘t introduce new legislation without the support of the Opposition.

“The Government is seeking an enduring solution that strengthens protections for all of us — students, teachers, people of faith. That’s why bipartisan support for solutions is essential,“ Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said in a statement.

Advocacy groups

Not-for-profit organisation the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) welcomed Citipointe‘s recent statement.

PIAC said it hopes the apology will send a strong message to governments to “remove outdated privileges“ that allow religious schools to discriminate.

PIAC policy director Alastair Lawrie said: “All students should have the right to learn and grow, free from the fear of discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

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