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Kim Jong-un is in Russia to meet Vladimir Putin

Kim Jong-un is in Russia to meet Vladimir Putin

kim jong-un vladimir putin

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is in Russia, where he is expected to meet with President Vladimir Putin.

It’s the first time Kim has left North Korea since before the pandemic.

Russia is expected to ask North Korea to supply weapons to aid its invasion of Ukraine.

Here’s what you need to know.

Kim Jong-un’s meeting with Vladimir Putin

The meeting between the leaders has been confirmed by a Russian Government spokesperson as well as by North Korean state-run media, which reported Kim’s departure earlier today on his personal, bulletproof train.

The exact location of the meeting is unknown but it’s widely expected to be in the town of Vladivostok, near the North Korean border. Japanese news agency Kyodo reported Kim’s train was sighted at a Russian train station near the border.

Possible location

kim jong-un vladimir putin


Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin are expected to discuss the sale of North Korean weapons to aid Russian forces in the war in Ukraine. North Korea has broadly supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

However, the United Nations Security Council prohibits North Korea from buying or selling weapons to any other country. A U.S. Government spokesperson said North Korea would “pay a price” if it gave arms to Russia.

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