The Legalise Cannabis Party introduced bills in NSW, VIC and WA today

legalise cannabis party

Legislation to decriminalise cannabis was introduced in the NSW, Victorian and WA parliaments today by the Legalise Cannabis Party.

The draft laws were tabled by members of the Legalise Cannabis Party. However, the major parties are unlikely to support the legislation.

It comes after cannabis was decriminalised in the ACT in 2020.

What is the Legalise Cannabis Party’s policy?

The legislation would allow adults to hold and grow small amounts of cannabis in their homes.

Cannabis could be shared with others, and could be grown on behalf of another person.

Driving under the influence of cannabis, and cannabis use for people under 18, would still be banned.


Currently, the possession of cannabis is illegal in most parts of Australia and penalties, such as fines or prison sentences, can be issued.

The Legalise Cannabis Party says its draft laws would end the “unfair and damaging criminalisation” of cannabis users.

The party also says the changes would erase much of the billion-dollar cannabis black market.

Will they pass?

The Legalise Cannabis Party has no more than two members in each of the parliaments of NSW, Victoria, and WA.

This means they’d need significant support for their legislation to pass.

None of the state governments have indicated that legalising or decriminalising cannabis is a priority, and are highly unlikely to support it.

The ACT laws

The ACT became the first jurisdiction in Australia to decriminalise personal cannabis use in 2020. Under the laws, adults can grow up to two plants of cannabis, or up to four per household.

It’s still illegal to sell or share cannabis with another person, and for a driver to have cannabis in their system. Smoking or using cannabis publicly, or exposing a child to cannabis smoke, is an offence.

This doesn’t relate to medicinal cannabis, which was legalised in Australia in 2016.

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