Mexico will decriminalise abortion nationwide

Mexico will fully decriminalise abortion after the Supreme Court ruled its current laws were “unconstitutional”.
mexico decriminalise abortion

Mexico will fully decriminalise abortion after the Supreme Court ruled its current laws were “unconstitutional”.

Here’s what you need to know.

Decriminalising abortion

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court announced on social media that “the legal system that penalises abortion is unconstitutional, since it violates the human rights of women and people with the ability to [become pregnant].”

The court’s unanimous ruling removes the crime of abortion in the Federal Penal Code and will require any federal health institution to offer abortion services to anyone who requests it.

It also ruled against bans on medical professionals who provide this health service.

Previous laws

Prior to this, abortion could be decriminalised in Mexico on a state by state basis.

12 of Mexico’s 32 states decriminalised abortion before today.

The Supreme Court’s new judgement applies to the entire nation.


The new decision follows years of pressure from the ‘Green Wave’ movement, an effort led by activists and grass-roots organisations to increase abortion access across Central and South America.

“Today is a day of victory and justice for Mexican women!” Mexico’s National Institute for Women wrote on social media.

There was also some opposition to the ruling.

The director of pro-life platform ConParticipación, Marcial Padilla, spoke out against the ruling.

“This sends the message to society that the life of a son or daughter can be taken before they are born,” Padilla said.

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