First-year NSW teachers to earn $85k under new deal

Some NSW teachers will get a $10,000 pay rise under a new deal proposed by the State Government. One final approval is now needed.
NSW teachers pay rise

NSW teachers are set for a pay rise that will make them some of the best-compensated in the country, with an agreement between the state Government and the teachers’ union expected to be finalised on Saturday.

Under the deal, starter teacher salaries will rise to $85,000, and $122,100 for senior teachers – around a $10,000 increase on current wages.

The deal will likely get the green light during a union vote on Saturday. It will then be effective from 9 October.

Pay rise deal for NSW teachers

Under the four-year agreement, teachers would receive an immediate pay rise in the first year, plus annual wage increases for the following three years.

School counsellors will also benefit from the deal, which includes a pay scale bringing the most senior psychologists’ earning capacity in line with school principals.

The agreement follows several years of campaigning by NSW teachers for better pay and conditions.

Teachers took strike action in June, amid mass resignations in the education sector.

Acting President of the Teachers Federation, Henry Rajendra, said the proposal was a “breakthrough moment”, and would prevent hard-working teachers from “drifting to other professions or states”.

Next steps

The Executive of the Teachers’ Federation (the union representing teachers in NSW) agreed to the proposal on Tuesday.

Council members plan to give the proposal final approval when they meet on the weekend.

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