Scott Morrison’s new job revealed

Scott Morrison's new job has been revealed, 24 hours after quitting politics. He will now work with a former advisor to Donald Trump.
Scott Morrison has a new job

After 16 years in Parliament, Scott Morrison will work for a former Trump advisor in his next role.

Morrison announced his retirement from politics yesterday. His new role is with an international consulting firm best known for its work in the defence sector.

American Global Strategies (AGS) is led by founder Robert O’Brien, who was the National Security Adviser for U.S. President Donald Trump from 2019 to 2021.

Morrison will reportedly also join Mike Pompeo – former Trump Secretary of State – at a U.S.-based, Australian-founded venture capital firm.

Scott Morrison’s new job

This week, Morrison announced he will retire from politics at the end of February.

He was Prime Minister from 2018 to 2022, and has been on the backbench for the Liberal-National Opposition since his defeat at the 2022 election.

Morrison’s exit will trigger a by-election in his Sydney electorate of Cook, the seat he’s held since 2007.

Prime Ministership

Morrison oversaw key developments in Australia’s defence and geopolitical interests while Prime Minister.

With leaders from the U.S., Japan and India, Morrison was a founding member of the Quad Leaders’ Summit. The government describes ‘The Quad’ as a “diplomatic partnership… focused on delivering outcomes for the Indo-Pacific” across matters like security, climate change and humanitarian assistance.

Morrison also helped orchestrate the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal. The agreement allows Australia to share nuclear resources with the U.S. and UK to strengthen defence capacity in the Indo-Pacific.

New role

AGS said it uses a “breadth of operational, transactional, legal, and technical expertise” to assist its clients.

It noted the “extraordinary experience at the highest levels of international affairs and defence policy” that Morrison will bring to the role of non-executive Vice Chairman.

He is expected to advise clients on matters in the Indo-Pacific region and will consult on partnerships between private companies and governments. Morrison is expected to remain in Sydney for the role.

Trump connection

O’Brien was Trump’s fourth and last National Security Adviser.

Morrison, who dealt with O’Brien while he was PM, said the pair enjoyed a “great working relationship”.

O’Brien said Morrison was regarded as “one of the most consequential leaders of the last decade”, and said he would bring “high-level relationships and unique geopolitical insights” to his role at AGS.

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