The government’s digital ‘skills passport’, explained

The Federal Government will create a digital 'Skills Passport' for workers so they can more easily connect with potential employers.
government digital skills passport

The Federal Government will create a digital ‘Skills Passport’ for workers so they can more easily connect with potential employers.

The national initiative will likely be rolled out as an app that could act as a digital CV. It would include workers’ qualifications.

The passport is designed to help address growing skill shortages, meaning there is a growing number of jobs requiring post-school qualifications, but not enough experienced workers.

How will it work?

The passport will likely function similarly to the Medicare app, which connects users to services and stores their personal details.

It’s also aimed at simplifying the recruitment process for employers, who’ll be able to use the initiative to better find workers with appropriate skills and experience.

The Government says it will collaborate with business groups, unions, and students as it finalises how the passport will be rolled out.

Employment paper

The Skills Passport was included in a formal Government paper on employment released today.

It describes the challenges facing the Australian workforce, including the prediction that more than 90% of new jobs created in the next 10 years will require a post-school qualification, such as a university or TAFE degree.

“For more and more workers in the future, their education won’t finish when they graduate school or complete their apprenticeship – they’ll need to continue to re-train, renew and re-skill.”

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers in a statement.


The Business Council of Australia called it a “game changer”. Universities Australia said the passport will support economic growth and productivity.

The Federal Opposition supports the idea of a skills passport. It said it would already be in effect if the Coalition were still in government.

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