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Why was Spain’s women’s soccer coach fired?

Why was Spain’s women’s soccer coach fired?

spain soccer coach fired

Spain’s Royal Football Federation (RFEF) has fired the coach of its national women’s team amid the ongoing Women’s World Cup controversy.

The RFEF did not explain the reason for coach Jorge Vilda’s dismissal.

Here’s what we know so far.

Soccer coach fired

After eight years with the team, Vilda will be replaced by his deputy, Montse Tomé – a former player who will be the first woman to coach the team.

Despite sacking him, RFEF credited Vilda with bringing the team to number two in the FIFA rankings – the highest in its history.

Vilda has faced opposition from the soccer world since last year, when 15 players staged a mutiny and called for his resignation, alleging inadequate coaching methods and conditions.

The RFEF supported Vilda at the time. The organisation forced players to apologise if they wished to resume playing on the team.

Spain’s #MeToo moment

Spain’s soccer coach was fired after he drew criticism for supporting RFEF President Luis Rubiales. The President refused to resign after he kissed player Jenni Hermoso without her consent as she received her winners’ medal.

Hermoso said it was not consensual and that it “shocked” her.

Rubiales is currently facing a 90-day suspension from all soccer-related activities.

FIFA handed down the suspension last month. It came after female Spanish players announced they would boycott while Rubiales remained in his role.

Spanish prosecutors have opened an investigation into Rubiales’ behaviour.

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