Internet Explorer is dead after 27 years.

Internet Explorer is dead after 27 years.

Microsoft retired the web browser this week

Microsoft retired Internet Explorer this week, 27 years after it first went live. The browser will be replaced on Windows devices by the Microsoft Edge program, following a transition from its long-established browser. In a blog post announcing the move last year, Microsoft said that Explorer users would enjoy improved compatibility, productivity, and security on the new browser.

Internet Explorer was a web browser developed by Microsoft and was first released in August 1995.

In a statement on Wednesday, Sean Lyndersay, the General Manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, thanked the “millions” who used Internet Explorer as their “gateway to the internet”. He said that working on the retirement of Internet Explorer was “a constant reminder of its importance”.

“To work on a product with such broad impact has been nothing but humbling – our story in many ways is the story of the internet and what it has allowed people and organisations around the world to do.” – Sean Lyndersay, General Manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, in a statement.

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