nba player lifetime ban gambling
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NBA player cops lifetime ban over gambling on his own team

Jontay Porter first came under suspicion of gambling activity following a game against the Sacramento Kings last month.

Why we're only bringing you good news today
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Why we’re only bringing you good news today

nathan murphy retires concussion
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AFL player Nathan Murphy retires over concussions

Following expert advice from the AFL’s medical concussion panel, Murphy has announced he’ll retire from professional football.

track field athletes paid
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Track and field athletes will be paid for winning gold at Paris Olympics

In a world first, Olympians who win gold in categories like sprinting, hurdles, and pole vault will receive $US50,000 ($AU77,000) at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Australian netball
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NSW netball teams to ban gambling sponsorships

Two NSW netball teams will shun gambling sponsorships for the next two years, under a new deal announced this week.

luis rubiales corruption allegations
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Luis Rubiales arrested over corruption allegations

Luis Rubiales was accused of non-consensually kissing a player at last year’s Women’s World Cup in Sydney. He was handed multiple suspensions and bans over the incident.

Why the AFL are being accused of a cover up
Politics Sport

Why the AFL are being accused of a cover-up

woman wins Barkley marathon
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Good news: First woman wins Barkley marathon

UK runner Jasmin Paris has become the first woman to win the Barkley marathon, known as one of the world’s toughest runs.

Australia's relay team breaks records
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Good news: Australia’s women’s relay team breaks records

The 4x100m relay team were led by Australia’s fastest woman, 19-year-old Torrie Lewis.

NRL suspension racist
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NRL hands Spencer Leniu eight-week suspension over racist slur

Roosters player Spencer Leniu has been accused of using a racial slur against First Nations Broncos player Ezra Mama during the season opener in Las Vegas.

sam kerr charged UK
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Sam Kerr charged in the UK with racially harassing a police officer

Kerr has pleaded not guilty in court, but has not released a public statement.

Pod Cover Final

The racism allegation at the centre of the NRL’s Vegas debut

Over the weekend, the NRL launched its new season in Vegas.

Ezra Mam has accused another player of racism during an NRL game in Las Vegas
Latest Sport

Racism allegations shroud the NRL’s first ever Las Vegas game

The NRL is investigating alleged racism directed at Broncos five-eighth Ezra Mam during the competition’s first round in Las Vegas

matildas olympics
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The Matildas are going to the Olympics

The Matildas are through to the Olympics after beating Uzbekistan 10-0 in Melbourne.

BetStop uptake
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Gambling warning ahead of season launch

BetStop uptake has risen to over 18,000 users in the six months since the gambling self-exclusion register was launched.

AFL player Joel Smith investigated for alleged cocaine trafficking and possession.
Latest Sport

AFL player investigated for alleged cocaine drug trafficking

Suspended AFL Melbourne Demons player Joel Smith is being investigated over cocaine trafficking allegations.

super bowl cheat sheet
Latest Sport

Your Super Bowl cheat sheet

The San Francisco 49ers will face defending champions the Kansas City Chiefs. The teams met at the 2020 Super Bowl, when the Chiefs defeated the 49ers 31-20.

Pod Cover Final
Culture Latest Sport

Why is the Super Bowl such a cultural phenomenon?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest nights in entertainment in America, and more recently in Australia as well.

Concussion rules in Australia

New concussion rules for Australian sport

Concussion rules in Australia have been strengthened under a new guideline tailored to junior and community sport.

luis rubiales criminal trial

Luis Rubiales could face a criminal trial over non-consensual kiss

A Spanish judge has called for Luis Rubiales, the country’s former soccer boss, to face a criminal trial, following an incident at the Women’s World Cup last year.

2032 Olympics review
Politics Sport

2032 Olympics under snap review

A snap review of the 2032 Brisbane Olympics will begin today, following concerns of a cost blowout ahead of the event.

Eddie Jones and Japan 

Eddie Jones named Japan coach

Eddie Jones and Japan have inked a long-term contract, less than two months after te Australian walked away from the Wallabies.

Netball pay dispute

Months-long netball standoff comes to a close

The netball pay dispute between the players and organisers has come to an end, following the signing of a new collective agreement.

Who is Shane Tuck? 

Coroner recommends AFL safety overhaul

Who is Shane Tuck? The former Richmond player who died in 2020 was the subject of a coronial investigation.

Gambling credit card ban
Politics Sport

Credit cards banned for gambling

A credit card ban for online gambling will soon be in effect across Australia, following the passing of new laws this week.

Josh Giddey NBA player
News Sport

Australian NBA player Josh Giddey faces U.S. police investigation

U.S. police have launched an investigation into Australian NBA player Josh Giddey over allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

australian netball pay dispute

What to know about the Australian netball pay dispute

Australian netball players boycotted the sport’s major awards night on Saturday over an ongoing pay dispute with the governing body.

Oscar Pistorius
News Sport

Oscar Pistorius released on parole in January

Former South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to more than 13 years behind bars for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp.

International cricket ban

Transgender ban for cricket fixtures

An international cricket ban for transgender women has been approved by the sport’s global governing body.

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