Grindr is accused of passing on health information, like HIV status, from its app to advertising companies.
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Grindr accused of sharing HIV statuses of some users

LGBTQ+ app Grindr is facing a lawsuit in the UK over allegations it passed on private health information, like HIV status, to ad companies.

Elon Musk and the right to broadcast 'violent content'
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Elon Musk and the right to broadcast ‘violent content’

Global military spending hit a record high in 2023.
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Global military spending hit $US2.44 trillion in 2023

Global conflicts have driven up military spending in most countries, hitting a record $US2.44 trillion spend on weapons in 2023.

Global anti-doping police accused of keeping failed results of 23 Chinese athletes secret.
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World anti-doping agency under fire for Tokyo Olympics “cover-up”

23 Chinese swimmers failed drug tests before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, which U.S. anti-doping authorities say was kept secret.

good news around world
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Good news from around the world

Here’s some good news from around the world, as a reminder of the brightness that exists among the darkness of the past week’s news cycle.

2024 india election voting
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2024 India election: 1 billion begin voting

Polls across the world’s largest democracy will remain open until 1 June.

Florida has passed a law requiring teachers to give classes on the "evils of communism" in public schools.
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Florida kindergarten students will learn the “evils of communism”

The U.S. state of Florida has passed a law requiring teachers to hold classes on the “evils of communism” in public schools.

russia bans australian politicians
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Russia bans 235 Australian politicians from entry

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has indefinitely banned 235 Victorian and South Australian politicians from entering the country.

Trump's historic criminal trial begins
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Trump’s historic criminal trial begins

U.S. Supreme Court rules Idaho can enforce its ban on gender-affirming care for under-18s.
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Idaho can now enforce ban on gender-affirming care for youth

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled Idaho can enforce its ban on gender-affirming care, such as medication and surgery, for anyone under 18.

Donald Trump has become the first U.S. President to front a criminal trial.
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Donald Trump is now the first U.S. President to face a criminal trial

Donald Trump’s first of four criminal trials has begun in New York, making him the first U.S. President to front a criminal case.

Iran launched a wave of airstrikes on Israel, although it caused little damage.
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Israel says it “thwarted” Iran’s wave of airstrikes

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) said about 99% of the air missiles and drones were intercepted.

A Vietnam businesswoman has been sentenced to death for corruption
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Vietnam businesswoman sentenced to death over corruption

A real estate mogul has been sentenced to death in Vietnam, after the businesswoman was accused of large-scale corruption.

switzerland government climate lawsuit
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Switzerland government must protect citizens in older women’s climate lawsuit win

A group of older Swiss women have won a climate lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights, in what experts have called a landmark ruling.

New York police hijabs
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New York Police fined for allegedly forcing women to remove hijabs

Jamilla Clark and Arwa Aziz both alleged they were forced to remove their hijabs in front of male New York police officers.

AUKUS is considering working with Japan as part of the military partnership.
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Is Japan joining AUKUS? Maybe not, but it could get involved

AUKUS defence ministers have released a statement noting Japan could become involved in the military partnership. Here’s what that means.

Boeing's outgoing CEO has told staff "the eyes of the world are on us".
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Why is Boeing in the news so much?

Major commercial passenger airline maker Boeing is facing serious safety questions following a string of incidents on its aircrafts.

scotland hate crime laws
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Scotland’s hate crime laws spark controversy

A hate crime is an illegal act based on prejudice or discrimination. Under Scottish legislation, the maximum penalty for “stirring up hatred” is now seven years in prison.

finland school shooting
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12-year-old arrested in Finland school shooting

The school student allegedly killed one classmate and wounded two others in the city of Vantaa.

Taiwan earthquake
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7.5-magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan

A fatal Taiwan earthquake has left tens of thousands without power, and triggered tsunami warnings for neighbouring countries.

Australian killed israeli airstrike
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Australian among seven aid workers killed by Israeli airstrike

“Zomi” Franckom and six other aid workers were killed in an Israeli air strike, prompting a swift condemnation from the Australian Government.

Iran has accused Israel of striking its embassy in Syria
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Israel accused of striking Iran’s commanders in Syria

Iran has accused Israeli forces of launching a strike on its embassy in Syria, leaving about seven people dead.

canadian government contraceptives free
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The Canadian Government plans to make contraceptives free

To implement these reforms, the Federal Government needs the support of its provinces (like states) which administer health care.

thailand marriage equality bill
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Thailand’s marriage equality bill gets closer to reality

Thailand is considered relatively progressive when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights. It has outlawed discrimination and censorship based on sexuality.

Florida banned social media
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Florida banned under 14s from social media

Anyone in Florida under 14 is banned from having a social media account, and 15-16-year-olds must receive permission from a parent/carer.

un security council gaza
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UN Security Council passes Gaza ceasefire resolution

The United Nations Security Council has adopted a resolution demanding an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza and the release of hostages.

ireland's new prime minister
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Ireland’s new Prime Minister is youngest-ever

At 37-years-old, Simon Harris is Ireland’s youngest-ever PM. Harris joined his party, Fine Gael, at 15 years old.

UK tobacco vaping
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UK introduces tobacco and vaping bill to ban children from smoking

A bill, which is expected to pass, on new tobacco and vaping regulations has been introduced to UK Parliament.

terrorism attack moscow
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Four arrested for terrorism over Moscow concert shooting

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a suspected terrorism attack at Moscow concert hall that killed more than 130 people.

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