Brisbane pill testing centre
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Australia’s second-ever pill testing centre opens

A pill testing centre in Brisbane opened on Friday, becoming the second fixed drug checking site in Australia.

switzerland government climate lawsuit
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Switzerland government must protect citizens in older women’s climate lawsuit win

A group of older Swiss women have won a climate lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights, in what experts have called a landmark ruling.

Queensland pill testing results
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Queensland stages first-ever drug checking

The results from the first Queensland pill testing centre have been shared, less than one week after the first service was staged.

OpenAI voice cloning tool
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Why OpenAI won’t release its new voice cloning tool this year

“It’s important that people around the world understand where this technology is headed, whether we ultimately deploy this technology ourselves or not,” OpenAI said.

pig kidney transplant
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World first pig kidney transplant a success

Scientists used gene editing technology to remove “harmful pig genes”.

chris bowen interview
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Interview with the Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen

100 new species have been discovered off the coast of New Zealand, including new fish, snail and coral.
Latest Science

Good news: 100 new species discovered in New Zealand

In today’s good news, 100 new species have been discovered off the coast of New Zealand, including new fish, snail and coral.

Pill testing in Australia
Latest Science

What’s happening with pill testing in Australia?

Pill testing in Australia is a loaded subject, full of conflicting opinions and viewpoints. Here we break down the state of pill testing in Australia.

The nuclear power debate has reignited in Australia
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Why is nuclear power banned in Australia?

The Federal Opposition has reignited debate about the ban on nuclear power in Australia, so why has been outlawed since the 1990s?

melanoma treatment
News Science

The Australian of the Year on the fight against melanoma

Cameroon is rolling out a malaria vaccine
Science World

Cameroon first country to nationally roll out malaria vaccine

The African country Cameroon has become the first to implement a nation-wide roll out of a new malaria vaccine.

Victoria launches women's pain inquiry
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Victoria will launch Australia-first women’s pain inquiry

The Victorian Government will set up an inquiry into how the state’s healthcare system addresses women’s pain.

Sydney Legionnaire's disease NYE
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Sydney on alert for Legionnaire’s disease over busy holiday period

Legionnaire’s disease is feared to be spreading after seven infected people confirmed they were in Sydney’s CBD over the past three weeks.

transplanted uterus

First transplanted uterus and successful birth in Australia

Kirsty Bryant, 30, has become the first woman in Australia to give birth to a baby from a transplanted uterus.

cosmetic surgery standards

New cosmetic surgery standards require psychological checks

New safety and quality standards have been introduced to reduce cosmetic surgery risks. This includes a psychological assessment.

altman back at openai
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Sam Altman back at OpenAI

Sam Altman has returned as CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, days after being fired by the board.

The Daily Aus podcast
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The global threat of loneliness

The World Health Organisation has declared loneliness to be a pressing global health threat and has launched a commission to tackle the issue. Social isolation is linked to anxiety and depression and can increase risk of cardiovascular disease by 30% . In today’s deep dive, we’ll ask Dr Kate Filia, senior research fellow at Orygen Australia, why so many young Australians are lonely and how a ‘social prescription’ can help.

If you want to send your name into space, you can do so here.


Guest: Dr Kate Filia, Senior Research Fellow at Orygen Australia

Hosts: Zara Seidler and Sam Koslowski

Producer: Ninah Kopel

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el niño may

The BoM says El Niño conditions will likely persist through to May

Hot and dry conditions from an El Niño weather event are likely to continue into May next year, according to the BoM.

Antibiotic resitance
News Science

Experts warn overuse of antibiotics could lead to new infections

A new report has warned there could be more drug-resistant infections caused by the overuse of antibiotics, according to health experts.

Why is bulk billing harder to find? 
News Science

Bulk billing halves among GPs in 2023

Why is bulk billing harder to find? Pressures in the public health system have been exposed in a new report.

el niño may
Environment Science

Is Australia on track to reach net zero by 2050?

Last year, the Australian Government legislated to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

The Daily Aus podcast

Can ketamine treat depression?

Ketamine is commonly used in medicine as an anaesthetic. Now, it’s also being used to treat depression, after low doses of the drug were found to “quickly and significantly” improve depressive symptoms. Dr Adam Bayes is a Senior Research Fellow at the Black Dog Institute. He’s a clinical academic psychiatrist with a special interest in mood disorders, and he answers all of our ketamine-treatment questions in the deep dive.

ketamine depression

Ketamine used to treat depression

A clinic offering ketamine treatment for depression has opened in Victoria this month.

nobel prize COVID vaccine

Nobel Prize for researchers who paved way for COVID vaccine

A Nobel prize has been awarded to two scientists whose discovery led to the first COVID-19 vaccines, years after their original research.

australian books stolen AI
Culture Science

18,000 Australian books allegedly stolen to train AI

A large number of Australian books have allegedly been used to train artificial intelligence, according to a recent search by the Australian Publishers Association (APA).

daylight saving why
News Science

Why is daylight saving a thing?

It’s that time of year: daylight saving time starts this Sunday. The clocks go forward an hour, and the day gets longer.

The Daily Aus podcast
Science World

How Ozempic created the EU’s biggest company

You may have heard of Ozempic, the diabetes medication that went viral on TikTok for being a so-called ‘miracle weight loss drug’. Now the company who makes it, Novo Nordisk has become the biggest company in the EU. In today’s deep dive we’ll explain what that means, and how the company continues to grow despite an international shortage in their product.

The Daily Aus podcast
News Science

Australia’s first-ever autism strategy

Australia’s first-ever autism strategy is being developed, to improve the lives of Autistic Australians across key outcomes – from mental health, to social inclusion and employment. Andy Shim from the National Autism Strategy Oversight Council joins us to help unpack the strategy.

strategy eating disorders

Australia has a new ten-year roadmap for managing eating disorders

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