Alleged murder review
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Minns orders review into alleged murder of Molly Ticehurst

A formal review into an alleged murder will be launched on Wednesday, following the death of 28-year-old Molly Ticehurst earlier this week.

Elon Musk and the right to broadcast 'violent content'
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Elon Musk and the right to broadcast ‘violent content’

How does the Australian media respond to tragedy?
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How does Australia’s media respond to tragedy?

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Papua New Guinea (PNG) Prime Minister James Marape have begun a two-day hike of the Kokoda Track.
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Anthony Albanese is hiking the Kokoda Track. What is it?

The pair will walk only part of the track, beginning in Kokoda and ending in the village of Isurava, where a dawn service will be held on ANZAC Day. Albanese is the first PM to walk Kokoda while in office.

Australia's biggest vape seizure
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Largest vape seizure in Australia’s history

Australia’s biggest vape seizure has amassed nearly 500,000 illegally imported vapes, worth about $15 million in street value.

X will launch a legal challenge to eSafety's takedown notices. Pictured: X owner Elon Musk
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X launches court challenge of eSafety takedown notices over church stabbing

X said eSafety does not have the right to “dictate what content [our] users can see globally”. It said the notices were a threat to “ free speech everywhere”.

uber for teens
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Uber for teens allows people aged 13-17 to ride alone

Uber for teens requires parents/guardians to create a child profile under an adult account. It is now available in SA, ACT, and Tas.

olyroos fail paris olympics
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Olyroos fail to qualify for Paris Olympics

The Olyroos did not score a goal in their three Asian Cup matches, against Jordan (0-0), Qatar (0-0), and Indonesia (0-1).

Job-sharing politicians
Culture Latest News Politics

Job-sharing political candidates want an Australian first

Job-sharing politicians would allow greater skillsets and perspectives in Canberra, according to two women making the push for parliament.

kith and kin
Culture Latest News

Archie Moore the first Australian to win top award at Venice Biennale

kith and kin – genealogical chart tracing artist Archie Moore’s ancestry and family – has won the top award at the Venice Biennale.

good news around world
Culture Latest News Science Sport World

Good news from around the world

Here’s some good news from around the world, as a reminder of the brightness that exists among the darkness of the past week’s news cycle.

2024 india election voting
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2024 India election: 1 billion begin voting

Polls across the world’s largest democracy will remain open until 1 June.

panama papers trial
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Trial of key Panama Papers players underway

27 people are facing criminal charges over millions of leaked documents that became known as ‘The Panama Papers’.

who bird flu warning
Latest News Science

WHO issues bird flu warning

Avian influenza, aka bird flu, is an infectious viral illness that primarily spreads among birds like chickens and ducks.

australians spare time
Culture Latest News

How do Australians spend their spare time?

New analysis from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows how Australians spend their spare time.

Brisbane pill testing centre
Latest News Politics Science

Australia’s second-ever pill testing centre opens

A pill testing centre in Brisbane opened on Friday, becoming the second fixed drug checking site in Australia.

Why we're only bringing you good news today
Culture Environment Latest News Sport

Why we’re only bringing you good news today

nba player lifetime ban gambling
Latest News Sport

NBA player cops lifetime ban over gambling on his own team

Jontay Porter first came under suspicion of gambling activity following a game against the Sacramento Kings last month.

queensland 75% emissions reduction
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Queensland commits to 75% emissions reduction by 2035

Qld Premier Steven Miles said the laws would put the state “on par“ with the most ambitious targets in the country.

russia bans australian politicians
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Russia bans 235 Australian politicians from entry

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has indefinitely banned 235 Victorian and South Australian politicians from entering the country.

A Brisbane man's been arrested for his alleged efforts to smuggle cocaine bricks into Australia.
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Police arrest Brisbane man over cocaine bricks found on NSW shores

Police allege he was behind a failed plot to smuggle about 900kg of cocaine into Australia through cargo ships. This had resulted in bricks of cocaine washing up on NSW beaches.

How does Australian law define a terrorist act?
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How does Australian law define a terrorist attack?

Sydney’s two stabbings this week have raised a central question: how does Australian law define a terrorist attack?

Trump's historic criminal trial begins
News Politics World

Trump’s historic criminal trial begins

victoria poisoning health retreat
Latest News

Woman dies from suspected poisoning at health retreat in Victoria

A woman has died and two people have been hospitalised after a suspected poisoning at a health retreat in Clunes, Victoria.

global coral bleaching
Environment News

A global coral bleaching event has been declared by scientists

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said global coral bleaching can put local economies and food security at risk.

Bornean orangutan birth
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Good news: Endangered Bornean orangutan gives birth

An endangered Bornean orangutan gave birth to a healthy girl at a Florida zoo. The species has a low birth rate.

Why police have labelled the Sydney church stabbing as a terrorist act
Latest News

Sydney’s stabbings: what we know

WA’s Minister for Women’s Interests Sue Ellery said free period products in Western Australia (WA) would help to “ensure that having your period is not a barrier for school participation”.
Latest News

Western Australia to offer free period products in primary schools

Free period products in WA primary schools will begin from July, under a new announcement from the state government.

esafety commissioner church stabbing
Latest News

eSafety Commissioner orders social media sites take down church stabbing footage

Julie Inman Grant, the eSafety Commissioner, said both companies could face fines if they fail to comply.

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