australian music festivals update
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Australian music festivals update: sales up, profits down

Of the 535 music festivals held in Australia during the 2022/23 financial year, 35% lost money. Creative Australia’s latest report found average losses amounted to almost $800,000.

Why we're only bringing you good news today
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Why we’re only bringing you good news today

What does the future of music festivals look like?
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What does the future of music festivals look like?

australian musicians industry earnings
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Most Australian musicians’ industry earnings very low in 2023

police raid sean combs
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Police raid homes tied to Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

uk donations charity 2023
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Lowest-income UK suburbs made the most donations to charity in 2023, study finds

Three-quarters of households gave to charities last year through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering.

splendour in the grass cancelled
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Splendour in the Grass has been cancelled for 2024

Tickets went on sale to the public less than a week ago, with the three-day festival scheduled to go ahead this July.

who is banksy

Who is Banksy?

p!nk tour makes history
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Good news: P!nk’s tour makes history in Australia and NZ

Good news: P!nk’s Australia and NZ tour is making history.

nickelodeon producer dan schneider
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Former Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider apologises for on-set behaviour

Former Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider has issued a public apology for what he called “embarrassing” on-set behaviour.

world happiness report
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World Happiness Report shows U.S. drop, Finland riding high

Former Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider has issued a public apology for what he called “embarrassing” on-set behaviour.

Queensland's pill testing service will start next week at the ‘Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival', the state government has announced.
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Queenslanders will be able to access pill testing for the first time from next week

Queenslanders will be able to legally access pill testing for the first time at ‘Rabbits Eat Lettuce’ festival over the Easter long weekend.

u.s. tiktok ban
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Could the US actually ban TikTok?

The US is progressing plans to ban TikTok. The US House of Representatives has passed a bill that would force TikTok’s Chinese parent company to sell it or face a ban in the country.

sewage analysis drugs
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New sewage analysis shows how Aussies use drugs

Australians are using more cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA compared to last year, but are drinking less alcohol overall, according to new analysis of sewage for drugs.

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has apologised for releasing a photoshopped image of her and her children
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‘Altered’ Kate Middleton photo causes media storm

A photo of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has been removed from news sites over concerns it was digitally altered.

screen time children speech
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Screen time limits children’s speech, say researchers

Increased screen time can limit children’s speech development, Australian researchers have found.

75% of LGBTQ+ Australians will live with mental ill-health at some point in their lives
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3 out of 4 LGBTQ+ Australians will experience mental ill-health

The National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing gathered data from more than 26,000 people between 2020-2022. The ABS has now analysed this data to provide a more specific picture of LGBTQ+ experiences.

queensland covid-19 vaccine mandate
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Queensland COVID-19 vaccine mandate ruled unlawful

The Queensland Supreme Court has found that a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for emergency workers was unlawful.

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Why is Taylor Swift so popular?

why is taylor swift so popular

Why is Taylor Swift so popular?

From her global economic impact to record-breaking Grammy wins, Swift’s influence is undeniable. So why is Taylor Swift so popular?

Music festival funding
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Greens call for public music festival funding

Music festival funding is needed to secure the sustainability of Australian music festivals, The Greens have said.

young australians experience loneliness
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Young Australians more likely to experience loneliness

The finding was included in the latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) report, released this week.

Double car crash survivor: Sophie Delezio on her life in the media
Culture News

Why Sophie Delezio wants you to stop calling her an inspiration

Survivor of two harrowing car accidents as a child, Sophie shares her complicated relationship with the media spotlight on TDA Rewind.

Pod Cover Final
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Why is the Super Bowl such a cultural phenomenon?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest nights in entertainment in America, and more recently in Australia as well.

paid parental leave house of representatives
Culture Politics

Expanded paid parental leave passes House of Representatives

A draft law to increase paid parental leave has passed the Federal House of Representatives.

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Should work-life balance be a legal right?

A Federal Senate Committee has recommended legal protection of a person’s ‘right to disconnect’ from work during their personal time.

The right to disconnect
Culture News Politics

Right to disconnect should be law, Senate Committee says

The right to disconnect from work during personal time would be protected under law, according to a recommendation by a Senate Committee.

education guidelines teachers bmi
Culture News

Teachers told not to discuss BMI under education guidelines

Kylie Burton – a former teacher and eating disorder awareness campaigner – said there should not be a “one size fits all” approach to health education.

TikTok music dispute
Culture News World

Universal Music threaten TikTok boycott

A high-profile dispute involving TikTok could see music from the biggest recording artists pulled from the social media platform.

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