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A First Nations woman has died in hospital after allegedly being attacked in a Perth car park

A First Nations woman has died in hospital after allegedly being attacked in a Perth car park


CW: Distressing content. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that the following story contains the name of a deceased person.

A 30-year-old Noongar woman has died in hospital after allegedly being assaulted in a Perth car park on Tuesday.

Police say the alleged attack was “senseless and unprovoked” and have charged a 17-year-old male.

Diane Miller was five months pregnant and her unborn baby also passed away.

The alleged attack

The alleged attack occurred on Tuesday night at a shopping centre car park in the Perth suburb of Karawara.

Miller was in her car at the time. Police say she went into cardiac arrest after a piece of concrete was thrown through the car window. According to Miller’s brother, this struck her in the temple.

Police performed CPR and resuscitation until an ambulance arrived, which took her to hospital.

Police perspective

WA Police District Crime Inspector, Brett Baddock, said the people involved in the fight appeared to be unrelated to each other.

Baddock said the act was allegedly perpetrated by a group of teenagers who were “looking for trouble”.

Multiple teenagers were arrested for their involvement in the fight.

The charges

So far, charges have only been laid against a 17-year-old male. He has been charged with grievous bodily harm and breach of bail.

These charges were issued prior to Miller passing away. It’s possible further charges could now be laid, or the current charges could be upgraded, following her death.

NITV first reported the death of Miller after receiving confirmation from her brother.

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