A teenager has died after a police car collision. The family is now calling for an independent inquiry


Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that the following article contains the name of a person who has died.

A 16-year-old First Nations boy has died after a collision with an unmarked police car in Sydney on the weekend. The family of Jai Wright, the Dunghutti teenager, has called for an independent inquiry into the incident.

“We’ve been given inconsistent information by police as to what caused our child’s death,” Jai’s father, Lachlan Wright, said on Monday.

Outlining the inconsistency, the father alleged he had initially been told Jai was being pursued by the police car when it turned in front of the teenager. However, he said he was later told the police car was parked and the teenager ran into it.

In a statement, NSW Police said officers sighted two suspected stolen vehicles, including a Sherco trail bike, in Newtown at about 7am on Saturday morning.

At 7:35am, the same trail bike collided with an unmarked police car in Alexandria.

According to the police, the 16-year-old boy was “ejected from the bike and suffered serious injuries”.

He was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where he passed away.

According to the Guardian, the father added: “[Jai] finished Year 10 last year and started an electrician’s apprenticeship. He’s not going to be able to finish that.

“He just seemed to get along with everyone. No one really had a bad thing to say about him.”

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